West Bay Beach


If you are looking for an unusual and interesting vacation destination, then Roatan may just be the place for you. The largest from the three Bay Islands of the Honduras, Roatan Island is a gorgeous piece of land that has much to offer to every visitor. Located just off the coast of the Honduras, Roatan is a place full of possibilities. From white sandy beaches to lush covered jungles, there is much to excite and look forward to. The beaches especially, are not only known all over the world but also plenty in number. Roatan Island has a number of beaches for visitors to sit back and enjoy and one of the most popular one is West Bay Beach.

Imagine the cool trade winds gently teasing your face and the sun setting over the crashing ocean waves. Doesn’t it sound like paradise? This is West Bay Beach where ocean meets land and creates a spectacular vision for anyone to see. Most people when they come to Roatan Island prefer to visit West Bay Beach for not only is it popular and hence happening but also because it is maintained pretty well. The beach is kept clean and trash free at all times with regular checks being scheduled for property clean up. There are trash cans to encourage visitors not to litter and instead make a small effort and throw their garbage in the cans. The beauty of Roatan Island is mostly all natural and to keep it that way, the local people urge visitors to be as eco friendly and green as possible.

At West Bay Beach, you can sign up for any water sports that you enjoy at one of the nearby beach resorts and practice out in the ocean where you can have an incredible experience. Snorkeling, swimming, and beach volleyball are some of the favorite past times of most visitors when it comes to West Bay Beach. So grab your friends or family and get out in the sun, let the rays warm you up and have a picnic. Enjoy with whoever you came along with because West Bay Beach is indeed a sight to behold. At night, the beach comes to life with the traditional drums of Caribbean music straining in the air, bonfires, great food and one amazing party where you can dance all night and have the time of your life. Such an opportunity can only add to your experience and make it a memorable one.wb1

Surfing is another favorite when it comes to water sports at West Bay Beach. Instructors can be found literally all over the island if you are a beginner who wants to sign up for lessons. If you are an advanced surfer, then all the better. Just grab your board and head out to the West Bay Beach where you can catch the highest waves and have the incredible time. Beaches are a lot of fun, be it with friends or family and can really have an effect overall on your entire vacation. It is a definite must to spend a few days relaxing or having fun at the beach if you are on an island vacation.