Weather in Roatan


It may be surprising to know that the weather in Roatan is compromised of a hot season and some rainy seasons, even though it is humid year round. The rain fall is scarce during the hot months and that results in some gorgeous, bright, sunny days. Roatan Island’s location according to the latitudinal and longitudinal degrees places it in the middle of the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator. This geographical location is responsible for the tropical climate that many tourists seek. The tropical climate temperatures remain at a high all through the year but do show a massive variation when it comes to annual rainfall during the wet and the dry seasons.

In Roatan the dry season starts off in April and goes on to continue till mid to late July. This period is very dry and the weather in Roatan mainly consists of it being sunny day after sunny day and the temperatures recorded at 29C in April and about 30C in July. This time period is warm and humid although luckily the humidity on the island itself is balanced by a steady flow of Eastern trade winds that blow throughout this season. For the perfect Caribbean sun lovers, don’t miss out your chance because this is a perfect as it can get.66

Next comes the shouldering season in the month of March which shows that rainfall declines rapidly from a peak fall in the month of February. This month continues into the dry season which begins in April. This is an entirely pleasant time of the year where the lush greenery literally comes to life, making everything seem brighter and vivid. There are a few showers of rain to cool things off every now and then and the temperatures drop a bit as well. The rainy season begins as early as late June and continues till early on in September. This is followed by a dry spell, albeit short, from late September to early in October. The late fall shows long period of good weather, the kind that makes you want to take walks and breathe in the fresh air at least twice a day. Rain can be seen coming in short periods as well, about a day or two which is again followed by the good weather. This is indeed a great time to visit the Roatan Island since the rain fall now and then offers relief, change of scene and a drop in temperature. This pattern seems to continue from December to mid January. A relieving fact is that the area of Roatan doesn’t really get much activity from hurricanes. However there are trade winds which are in fact a much needed reprieve since it is nothing more than cool breezes and a thunderstorm every now and then. There are still good times of the year to visit Roatan Island in what is considered the off peak season. One of these times is during Christmas which lights up the entire island and makes it into one big festive celebration.