Tranquilseas Eco Lodge, Restaurant and Bar, Diving Center in Roatan is a mix of things; a uniquely designed island getaway that provides all the basic necessities and a bit more to make your vacation a memorable one indeed. The accommodation and PADI dive resort is set against a picturesque setting that included tropical gardens and a location that is in seclusion; away from all the hustle and bustle but easily accessible to some of the best adventures to experience in Roatan. The Roatan Island is known for its adventurous aspect and people from all over the world come each year to experience some of the best that diving has to offer, this side of the world.

Whether it is accommodation you seek, or an eco lounge, diving opportunity, or simply a classic Roatan experience, then Tranquilseas is the place for you. At the hidden gem of Roatan which is the Tranquilseas, you can experience as much or as little as you like, because this is your vacation. It is ideally located on the North side of the Roatan Island where even cabanas have been nestled in exotic flora and fauna, for your comfort once the diving exhaustion kicks in. When diving, locations like Dolphin Graveyard, off shore sea mounts, Barbaretta Banks are kept on schedule by Tranquilseas along with other gorgeous topographical locations. Although the boats are fast, it takes longer to reach these dive sites but that is because Tranquilseas aims to target those dive sites where mundane tourists rarely dive. This way you have the opportunity of spending an intimate kind of dive, without crowded seas, just you and the marine life, exactly how a diving experience should be.tranquill

At Tranquilseas the aim is to provide customers with the same excellent experience, above and below the water. Why cram yourself under one roof with a lot of people when you can have the opportunity of exploring the entire reef to yourself? Tranquilseas has small groups to take for diving, show the basics, learn about equipment and open a window into a world of opportunities, waiting to be experienced. It is just you and the aquatic life to keep you company, and makes for an incredibly intimate and overwhelming diving experience.  Tranquilseas maintains its word on extracting the best out of your trip whether it is simply learning to dive, expanding on your already existing diving skills at Roatan or purely wanting to experience the majestic diving scene in Roatan. Courses that are offered include fun dives, which are scheduled on a daily basis, PADI courses, and the distinctive dive safari, with equipment from the onsite dive shop.


Roatan Fun Dives

1 dive- $50

2-3 dives- $45 per dive

4-6 dives- $40 per dive

6-10 dives- $38 per dive

Nightly dives- Add $20 to dive price


Certified PADI Courses:

Scuba Dive Discover- $135

Scuba Additional Dive Discover- $85

Scuba Diver- $215

Reviewing Scuba- $85

Open Water referral- $285

e-learn referral- $285

Open Water- $425

PADI Adventure Diver- $225

Advance Open Water- $335

EFR- $125

Rescue Diver- $350

Master Scuba 5 specialties- $585

Rates include all materials (worth $130) and certification.



Telephone: (504) 9958 4719