Topography of Roatan Island


Roatan Island has a long and famous history, rich with culture and myths that have fascinated tourists over the years. It was once a very popular strong hold for pirates who used to then ply and loot the West Indies, looking for the ever acclaimed Spanish galleons and because the land itself was laden with precious material such as gold and silver. That is how far back the history of the island goes, when pirates used to roam the lands. The topography of Roatan Island is a  constant supply of fresh food, water and nature, accompanied by the vast number of troves, canyons, caves and inlets; it was the perfect place for anyone looking for a hideout.

Today however is a different scene altogether when you fly into Roatan. What awaits you are azure blue waters, white powdery sand beaches that makes you want to sink your toes in them, a spectacular mountain drop to finish it all up. Present day inhibitors of the island are a delightful mix of peaceful and amicable descendants of pirates, colonists, runaway slaves and native Indians. The primary language spoken there is a lilting touch of Caribbean English and indeed the people there refer to themselves as English as well. Roatan Island has long been known the diver’s paradise and remains as the unconventional beaten track when it comes to holiday destinations. Being known as the ‘Crown Jewel of the Caribbean’ is indeed no small feat and an accomplishment the hospitable natives pride themselves upon. One of the best aspects about Roatan Island is the fact that there are all kinds of accommodation available for all kinds of budgets; from huge cabanas to one bed guest houses there is truly something for everyone at the Isla Roatan. Even the attractions are vast in number that it becomes hard pressed and difficult to choose what to see and what not to see if you are on the island for a small amount of time.11

The Bay Islands of the Honduras are an archipelago of islands and Roatan Island is one of them, the three large and famous islands, the three small islands and more the 60 cays makes up the Bay islands with the Roatan Island being the largest of them all. The island is more or less 40 miles long with gorgeous beaches that seem to stretch endlessly and lush greenery surrounding it all. There are expansive views of the ocean from the splendid beaches which is largely due to the fact that there is a small mountain ridge that runs along the spine of the island. There is also a great reef system in Roatan Island which also forms part of the second largest reef system in the world and is home to a large number of species of marine life that live in the Caribbean. The surrounding reef creates an amount of calm lagoons from the reef crest and the coast line. This basically means that snorkeling can be done on nearly every shore line of the island, and at times from very close to the shore as well. A huge part of the reef of the island has been protected by the government of the Honduras under the name of West Bay and Sandy Bay Marine Reserve. This goes to show the culture of the people and how important it is for them to reserve the natural topography of their land for generations to come.