The Bulk Gourmet



The Bulk Gourmet is a duty free wholesale company that imports top quality food for its customers and is located in the happening French Harbor of the Roatan Island. They also house the island’s largest collection of wines, specialty beers and liquors. They pay attention to detail by catering to all kinds of people from lactose intolerant to vegans and even let ethnic factors come into play when placing their orders. They put the customer’s needs on priority and this is evident by the fact that they will happily special order anything that you need. All you need to do is either call them or stop by their outlet in the French Harbor.

The Bulk Gourmet caters to both the retail and wholesale customers providing them with the kind of quality and hard to get food stuff, meat and fish products that have earned them their name and reputation in the market. They also provide service to a large part of the restaurants on the island of Roatan, most of them major restaurants high in popularity. They provide these dining facilities with products such as USDA certified Angus Beef, specialty food stuff that are not available in any other place in Roatan as well as restaurant ware, which is all the basic necessities. One of their special services that can be availed everyday is the concierge services along with the provisioning of yachts. They strictly import gourmet and grocery and is the only outlet in all of the Bay Islands which specializes in the finest USDA certified angus beef, cheeses from all over the world and sushi grade sea food. There are also gluten free specialty foods, organic food stuff and vegan food to choose from so it is apparent from this vast array of selections that they are indeed professional at what they do and take all kinds of aspects in mind when selling their top quality food stuff.bulk2

There is also the added benefit of shopping while you are in the comfort of your home. With just a few clicks away, the Bulk Gourmet also has an online shopping database for you to use if you are too busy or unable to get out of the house for some reason. The shopping can be done at any time of the day. Moreover you can also complete any pre-vacation shopping or provisioning that you need and the delivery can be done directly to your house once you call them to confirm that you are on the island and wish to have the food stuff delivered. The sheer convenience that they provide to customers is definitely something commendable. They operate on the philosophy of making your stay on Roatan an incredibly memorable one and hoping to contribute in some small way or the other to make that happen. Great food and great drinks will definitely make for a wonderful experience overall.



Hours: Monday to Friday- 9am- 5pm

Liquor sales: 504 9937 6762

Food Sales and Special Order: 504 9510 7361