Tabyana Beach


At Roatan Island you can rediscover the magic of the Caribbean waters by visiting some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. Beaches are an extraordinary way of relaxing with the azure blue waters of the ocean. Nowadays life has become incredibly stressful and most of the time people give in to the stress and hub dub of everyday life, even if it takes a toll on their health. They choose to ignore their exhausted mind and body and let the course run until the person is screaming for a break. In order to avoid this, listen to yourself, don’t let the stress take over and take a holiday every now and then to make sure you are stress free. A trip to the Bay Islands is just what one might need. If you are already on Roatan Island, aboard a cruise ship, spending so much time looking at the clear, sparkling water, don’t you feel like you just want to dive right in? At Tabyana beach, you can make that wish come true and just hop into the ocean to cool off on a hot summer day.

Located on West Bay and rated third on the Western Caribbean list of best beaches, Tabyana Beach is the perfect mix of relaxation and play. Lounge under the gorgeous sun kissed sky, with something cool to drink and hear the soothing sound of the waves as they crash against each other. The setting is picture perfect and all you need is a beach blanket and some swim wear and you are good to go. The ambience of Tabyana Beach is enough to make you forget all your worries and simply bathe in the glow of the sun, stress free and relax as long as you like. It is an all natural beach which can be seen once you step foot in the powdery, white sand and see the beauty that Mother Nature has bestowed on this land.banner_05

Tabyana Beach can easily be called a paradise on Earth because of the convergence of the flora and fauna. The grape, coconut and almond trees come together and stretch over the endless white shimmering sand which looks towards the dazzling and overwhelming ocean. Once you come out of the haze of awe that greets you the minute you step onto the beach, you will notice the faint strains of traditional Caribbean music in the air, the fresh scent of meat being grilled and the cool trade winds caressing your face. It is neither cold nor hot and the temperature seems to be just right, although by night time it may get a little chilly at the beach. The true spirit of the Caribbean culture can be seen in this wonderful stretch of land where natural beauty meets man made heaven. Dance to the music being played as the night starts to fall in because this is the time when Tabyana Beach comes alive with excitement. The night kicks in, the people start rolling in and the air is alive with the mix of cultures since people from all over the world can be seen here.

Tabyana Beach is also closer as compared to other beaches to the world’s second largest barrier reef which makes it ideal if visitors want to snorkel, scuba dive or simply explore on their own. There are also a number of great dive companies on the West End of Roatan.