Sundowners Beach Bar – Unwind on the Beach

Sundowners Beach Bar
Sundowners Beach Bar

Sundowners Beach Bar has been known to act attract locals and tourists alike because of its charmingly sweet construction, delicious food and drinks. The bar is located on Half Moon Bay Beach, West End, Honduras. It is shaped like a tiki hut straight out of the movies which adds to its attraction as a beach bar and they are doing successful business on the lovely Roatan Island. The weather is humid but mostly very pleasant with the natural breeze from the Caribbean Sea winding through the beachfront bar. The bar is surrounded by this beautiful stretch of sand which sparkles in the sun, lending a fairytale quality to the tiki hut style Sundowners Beach Bar. In front of the bar are the gorgeous azure blue waves of the sea, lending a great view along with a soft background noise to all the diners.

The staff at Sundowners Beach Bar is very friendly and makes all the guests feel welcome. They are efficient, clean and especially careful of the client’s needs. Reviews of the place report that the staff had ‘exceptional customer service’ skills and kept their clients very happy. The food at Sundowners Beach Bar is also touted as being very delicious and well presented. The prices they have set are reasonable so that locals and visitors alike can enjoy the meals without worrying about the prices. The beach bar is frequented for its lunch, dinner and drinks. The variety and quality of all three are unmatched on this area of Roatan which is why the bar is quite popular.

Sundowners Beach Bar serves lunch, dinner and drinks, all three at very affordable prices. The ambience is wonderful along with the panoramic views because of the beach. The burgers served at the bar are raved about by its customers. The food is served beautifully and the portions are big enough to satisfy even the most ravished of guests. The drinks are aplenty and the staff is happy to make drinks of choice for the customers. They like variety and experimenting with new ways of making drinks, which is something the clients enjoy equally. The food quality is not compromised on and the owners and staff make sure that any food or drink served is of superior class.

Sundowner's Beach Bar
Sundowner’s Beach Bar – All Natural Fruit Juices.

A fun quirk the Sundowners Beach Bar has added is the blank faces in its sign board where you can put your face in and get your picture taken. This seems to be very popular among the clients, children and adult alike. The bar is extremely customer friendly, where they can feel a part of the whole business instead of just guests here to be served by the staff. The owners and workers interact with the client and visit with them frequently, building an atmosphere of relaxed friendliness. The bar serves alcoholic drinks along with smoothies and fruit juices. They have recently started serving all natural fruit juices available in lemonade, strawberry, passion fruit, strawberry lemonade and orange flavors. Fresh seafood is also available in a variety of dishes along with chicken and meat burgers.

Location: Half Moon Bay, Roatán, Islas De La Bahia, Honduras

Price Range: $5 – $10

Cuisine: Bar

Good For: Families with children, romance, doing business, local cuisine, outdoor seating, special occasions, entertaining clients, dining on a budget

Dining Options: Breakfast/Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Takeout, Late Night

Specialties: Lunch, Dinner, Drinks

Amenities: View of the Caribbean Sea, Customer friendly area, fun activities


Telephone: +504 2445-4158