Sundowner’s Beach Bar Tours – Have a Fabulous Day

Sundowner's Beach Bar Tours - Have a Fabulous Day

On your vacation to Roatan, head over to a beach bar called Sundowners for a glass of chilled beverage in an ambience of sublime landscapes of Caribbean Sea and sun kissed shores at least once if not more. Whether you are on a family holiday, on a honeymoon or you are a backpacker to the core, Sundowners Beach Bar is an ideal place for socializing with new people while gazing at the glorious sunset and sipping on an exotic tropical drink. The bar offers a range of delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options that will satisfy your taste-buds. The bar opens early in the morning at 9:00 am and the party goes on till 10:00 pm. Early risers can come straight to the bar for a breakfast or they can go water-sporting first with other tourists present at the bar. Sundowner’s is great for kids and moody teenagers as the bar provides many different activities for them. Unlike other beach bars, the bar organizes excursions to the isle. Tours that are popular among the tourists are snorkeling, scuba diving; stand up paddling, board games and sailing. The pub has a trendy look with a touch of traditional fashion. Sundowner’s is a hot spot for hangouts, parties, and aquatic excursions. The prime hours are from 4 to 7 when the weather is at its best. Kick off your shoes, let your hair down, have yummy snacks, drink exquisite drinks and do not forget to have a scrumptious bowl of Monkey Lala, a perfect combination of coconut, vodka and ice cream. The bar has a high-speed Wi-Fi and depending on your order, the rates are from $3.00 USD to $10.00 USD.
Sundowner’s Beach Bar is on Half Moon Bay. The West End neighborhood of Roatan has plenty of quaint shops that sell souvenirs, comfortable inns run by local families, beaches and great opportunities for sports. As the bar is sprawling over one of the Roatan’s most popular beaches, it attracts a lot of tourists. The shore even has a brilliant coral garden and frequently, you will see a lobster and crab taking a stroll. Join Sundowner’s Beach Bat tours for stand up paddling in an area free from all the usual traffic of the beach. Stand up paddle boarding is amazing around the bay especially just before the twilight when the sun is almost melting into the water. There are various great spots for snorkeling nearby Half Moon Bay that suit both to the novices and professionals. Meet the underwater species such as a plethora of fishes, star fish, sea turtles, and if you are lucky, one or two dolphins! At dusk come back to the bar for some interesting board games that are both exciting and interactive. The vibrant Sundowner’s Beach Bar is a perfect spot for making new friends, relaxing, and having an adventurous time!
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Location: Half Moon Bay, Roatán, Islas De La Bahia, Honduras
Tel: +504 2445-4158