Sueno del Mar Diving Resort

Sueno del Mar Diving Resort1


Situated a walk away from all the hustle bustle of the island, Sueno del Mar Diving Resort is an absolute treat for individuals, groups as well as families who are looking for some fun in combination with a number of water related activities specifically diving. Every now and then the everyday hectic schedule and daily routine problems get the best of you and a vacation thus is highly needed. The Roatan Island is rising up the list of popular vacation and tourist spots and if you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting, staying and having the whole experience Roatan style then you definitely missing out! With its prime location on one of the most exquisite beaches of the West End, Sueno del Mar Diving Resort prides itself in owning and running one of the best dive shops in Roatan; a title awarded by readers in Rodale’s Scuba Diving Magazine. Offering a number of affordable packages which include various activities such as scuba diving lessons and recreational diving the resort seems to be attracting a large audience. Given the calm waters towards this part of the island a number of vacationers and tourists head towards the ocean after a relaxing time in the comfortable accommodations provided by various resorts.

The hotel is very conveniently located; being built towards the west side of the West End Village it ensures a much quieter atmosphere which means your stay will be undisturbed and relaxing if you chose to stay in or have a comfortable nap within your accommodation. The rooms are clean, spacious and comfy as well as affordable which is what makes the resort well preferred. The other bit of the convenience comes in with the proximity of the hostel to the entertainment central of the island; all good bars, restaurants and shopping area are at a walking distance which means the customers have a win-win situation with both a good nights sleep and fun right around the corner! The rooms are very well decorated and the decks enable vacationers to take in the beauty of the island in the form of breath taking views and gorgeous sunsets. The rooms are newly built which gives them a modern look along with their luxurious feel and a number of amenities which include air conditioning.

Sueno Del Mar Diving Resort2

In addition to the professional courses offered to certified divers there are a number of other packages and activities offered to those who want to experience the art of diving for the first time. The instructors are not just safety conscious and experienced but also  friendly which makes the entire experience very comfortable and fun. Vacationers have the option to chose from snorkeling and kayaking apart from the much favored diving in the region. The resort guarantees to make your experience one of the best you’ve ever had irrespective of your status as a diver; professional or beginner. The resort specializes in professional courses and certifications for those who solely focus on diving. The dive shop is fully stocked with the most updated and well kept equipment which adds to its already well known name. Divemaster guided excursions are offered to ensure safety as well as customer satisfaction. There is something for everyone! For those who need special attention and focused learning the resort offers classes and diving lessons for smaller groups and even individuals. This offer is specially attractive for the Roatan Cruise ship visitors who are taking out on fast boats and brought back in enough time to give them a chance to indulge in bits of shopping and enjoy to the maximum.

In addition to all the water related fun, Sueno Del Mar Diving Resort has its very own gift shop because everyone back home deserves to have a souvenir from the beautiful island. Furthermore the beach bar and grill is the perfect spot for snacks or a healthy meal after a tiring day on the beach. For those who need to keep in touch with work and other important calls there is free internet connectivity provided at the resort. So whether you are a professional diver heading towards the island for some serious diving and picking up some courses or just a group of friends coming around for a fun time Sueno Del Mar Diving Resort is a definite choice to consider.

Location: West End Village, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras.


Single Room: $60.00

Double Room: $70.00

Amenities: Phone + Fax, Laundry, Optional air conditioning, refrigerators,  Hot water, Discounts on Diving and PADI courses, Kayaks for rent (singles or doubles), Snorkeling Instructions and Tours, Masks, fins, and snorkels for rent, Cannibal Cafe and Eagle Ray’s.

Accommodations: 8 Units.


Phone Number: 504-445-4343 and 504-455-4333