Subway Watersports


Subway Watersports opened its business in 2001 and soon made its way up, eventually getting known for their quality service and personal touch. It is the leading diving company operating in the eastern part of Roatan and even caters to a large number of resorts, hotels, cruise ships, guest homes and vocational rent homes. It is a PADI affiliated 5 star IDC resort and it even won a National Geographic award for its dive center at the Turquoise Bay Dive and Beach Resort. Being a quality service provider tourists visiting the eastern half of Roatan Island prefer to go to Subway Watersports for their customer care.

Subway Watersports has one if its own private dive sites where take small groups of no more than 10 people in one boat, along with the instructor. The entire island of Roatan is known for its massive amount of dive sites ranging from canyons to drop offs to swim troughs. Add to that the Caribbean’s biggest diversity and variety of sponges and coral. Most of the dive sites worth visiting are merely a short ten minute boat ride away which makes the location prime as well. You don’t have to wait long to get to the dive site and once you are there, the experience itself is incredibly overwhelming. With Subway Watersports you can get a valet diving experience and the best kind of customer care this side of the gorgeous Roatan Island.Esperanza3

Turquoise Bay Resort is one resort that Subway Watersports caters to. Along with that, there is also the Parrot Tree Plantation, Pristine Bay Resort as well as Pineapple Villas. Vacation rentals are also a part of this catering process and these include the Villas del Mar, Sea Pool Villas along with other names. Even cruise ship guests entering the Island of Roatan are welcomed and catered to with Subway Watersports’ very own boat. Scuba diving can be a wonderful recluse from the hub dub of everyday life and what better place to get away from the stress of work than the gorgeous and picturesque tropical island of Roatan. The marine life is awe inspiring and species of sea horses, manta rays, white sharks and turtles can be seen in most of the dive sites. Diving with a small group such as the one at Subway Watersports can have it advantages. That includes being able to connect with Mother Nature without the rush of too many people in one area. It is just you and the ocean and the thousands of species of sea life swimming all around you. It is an incredible experience, one not to be missed.

If you are thinking about making a career out of diving, even that can be accomplished at Subway Watersports. Since they are a PADI 5 star IDC resort on Roatan Island, they have all the necessities and qualifications needed to make you into a qualified diver or instructor. They offer dive master internships and instructor development courses on a monthly basis and they believe in the same ideology of keeping a small group of learners, a maximum of 6 candidates for the position. This makes them able to focus on each candidate and dedicate their time and skills individually and with care so that no one is overlooked. Personal interaction and one on one attention is also covered in a small group which is why Subway Watersports prefers to keep it that way. Moreover the clear, azure blue Caribbean water is ideal for training and there is a vast of job opportunities available once you are ready to start your career.



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