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Sante Wellness Day Spa & Retreat
Sante Wellness Day Spa & Retreat: Front View

Santé Wellness Center, Day Spa & Retreat is a beautifully located place to spend your vacation in, if you are planning to visit Roatan, Honduras. The owners make sure that guests are welcomed in a proper manner and made to feel special, no matter how many times they have visited previously. The guests arrive through flights or cruise ships and they are met at the destination by the crew of Santé Wellness Center, Day Spa & Retreat with a van waiting to take them to the retreat. If arriving by cruise, the travel time of the van will take about 25 minutes in total which provides a great chance to experience the scenery of the island. After that, a 5 minute boat ride takes the guests to the spa. The staff and crew at the retreat are supremely well trained and highly efficient, taking very good care of all the guests.


Santé Wellness Center, Day Spa & Retreat is located a little ways from the Parrot Tree Plantation on the island. It takes only a small boat ride from the sea towards the retreat. It is situated almost 30 minutes away from the Honduras International Airport. The retreat has been constructed in an area rich with tropical life which grants lovely views of the gorgeous island Roatan.


Sante Wellness Center
Santé Wellness Center, Day Spa & Retreat: Backyard View

There are 3 main guestrooms offered at Santé Wellness Center, Day Spa & Retreat. The La Joya cottage has the beautiful lagoon and Parrot Tree almost directly in front of it, Genevre faces the beach and the Sedona Suite (also larger than the other two) faces the reef and the beach. All the suites have a king sized bed, a double futon, and are comfortably furnished with other small pieces of furniture. Each room has been elegantly decorated, keeping in mind the local ambience. The guestrooms have been designed for couples in mind as they emit a feeling or romance and intimacy. Choosing the Sedona Suite over the others will cost you an extra $10. The rooms are spacious and have been furnished with the guests comfort in mind. The amenities include cable television, hot water, bathrobes and toiletries, security safe, internet access, daily maid service, balcony or terrace, private bath and air conditioning.


Santé Wellness Center, Day Spa & Retreat has tons of activities available for the pleasure of their guests. The spa services are available to all the guests which include massages, facials, lymphatic drainage, hand and foot treatments, along with many others. A swimming pool is installed for the swimming enthusiasts and snorkeling is also available. Yoga classes are available with fully qualified instructors along with complimentary usage of the kayaks.

Scuba Diving:

Snorkeling is offered to the guests as an activity which is favored by almost all the visitors. Scuba diving is also enjoyed greatly by the staying guests. Instructors and local experts can point out the best diving locations and the gear can be rented out from the local dive shops in the village.


Depending on the package you chose, the Santé Wellness Center, Day Spa & Retreat offers a full breakfast and a dinner on the first night but lunch is included only in a few packages. But if the guests require so, breakfast, lunch and dinner can all be arranged by the retreat. Snacks and drinks are offered as a complimentary service with some massage packages.

Contact Information:

Phone: 1-877-540-9692