Sandy Bay Beach



Located off of the coast of Honduras, Roatan is a perfect island getaway that will be preferred by people from colder climates, looking for the warm and gorgeous Caribbean sun. Picture perfect turquoise warm waters, a tropical back drop and lush fauna and flora greet you once you arrive on the island and take a tour of the many beaches. The destination alone has activities planned for both adults and children so there is basically no chance of you finding yourself with nothing to do at any point. The sand on the beaches feels like white powder beneath your feet which in itself feels incredibly heavenly. There are nearby accommodations and resorts available at very affordable prices. Hence, once you settle into a bungalow or check in a hotel, the view is most likely to overlook the dazzling ocean on the beach.

If you were looking for a tropical vacation, then this is the perfect spot for you. From chilled drinks to beach parties, sun chaises and beach volleyball, the Caribbean has it all set out for you. Moreover the chance to discover a culture that is unlike your own and something you are unfamiliar with is always an exciting opportunity for tourists and visitors alike. Another aspect that makes the Roatan Island a perfect vacation getaway is the abundance of aquatic sports available here. From snorkeling, diving, swimming, surfing and a whole lot more, anything can be learnt or opted for. If you already know how to do any of those, then simply enjoy the beaches and the plenty of swim troughs and canyons and dive sites awaiting you. The island also hosts the second largest reef system in the world.sandy

Sandy Bay Beach is one such beach in Roatan where you can enjoy the cool sand and the warm Caribbean waters and round up your paradise vacation. The property is unique to Roatan and just off the main road to the private beach area. Sandy Bay Beach is also a part of the famous Roatan Marine Park Preserve which hosts a variety of marine life and is an incredible sight to behold and a must visit if you haven’t been at least once. As compared to other beaches, Sandy Bay Beach is quieter and more tranquil. It lacks the nearby hub dub of high end condos and hotels and hence the atmosphere is one where you can sit back and simply relax. Get a massage, lie on the sand, get a tan, drink a beer or go for a swim; it really is up to your leisure what you want to do once you are on Sandy Bay Beach. The ambience is very comforting, inviting and one where one can easily just indulge. Sandy Bay Beach does have a variety of restaurants nearby so once you think you have enjoyed the sun enough, and need to grab a bite to eat, just pick any of the restaurants and give in to your cravings. Once you visit the Sandy Bay Beach, you will definitely come back for more since the atmosphere is refreshing and invigorating.