Sandy Bay Clay


For all the people who are looking for something more, something different to do when on vacation at one of the crown jewels of the Caribbean, the Roatan Island, and then Sandy Bay Clay is the place to be. If you have an appreciation for art and the craft of handmade things then head on down to the studio for a quick tour and maybe you might even end up buying some of the beautiful pieces. Often the handmade craft in Roatan Island is largely inspired by the surroundings, the people, the traditions and much more. There is much to learn, do and discover on the island that an opportunity to see the art of this side of the world is not something to be wasted. Exposure is something that we all need to take more seriously and that can only be done with an eye for appreciating the other.

Sandy Bay Clay was found six years ago when the owner moved to the gorgeous island of Roatan. A ton of low fire stoneware clay, a shiny and new kiln, and boxes of glaze later, the place came into being as a meeting point between the gorgeous beauty of the island and the artist’s way of giving back to the island. Sandy Bay Clay is basically a private studio of ceramic art by Lynn Dee and is located in the apt area of Sandy Bay. The inspiration for the art pieces mainly come from the colorful surroundings of the island, the rich culture of its people and hues that light up the skies and set them on fire, day or night. The artist believes that life is a series of events, albeit humorous and that along with the natural beauty of the island is translated through the sculptures made in clay. Apart from the sculptures there is also kitchen ware than can be used for the home and decorative pieces to hang up in your living room. For the people interested in her pieces, a studio tour can also be arranged via a telephone call that can be made ahead of time. Every piece that is constructed is definitely one of a kind and handmade which makes them all the more special.sandy2

You can get your own custom projects commissioned; visit the studio, meet the artist herself, maybe have a cup of tea or two and discuss what you would like to get made. Perhaps there is something on the island that has struck a chord in your or you could commission a family portrait since your vacation time in Roatan has been so memorable. From funky sculptures to abstract based pieces, there is a lot of diversity that can be found in the art that is created. Pottery, tiles and statuary are the pieces that the artist focuses on and they also make for great gifts to give to friends. There is nothing like the thoughtful gesture of a handpicked and handmade sculpture that can grace someone’s living room eventually.