Shark Diving in Roatan with Waihuka Adventure Diving

Shark Diving in Roatan with Waihuka Adventure Diving1
Diving with sharks is a thrilling adventure into the aquatic world. Shark Diving in Roatan with Waihuka Adventure Diving Center has become a popular water sport among the tourists. Shark diving perhaps sounds a bit scary but be assured because it is totally harmless and safe. You do not have to have amazing skills or be an adrenaline-rusher; just try it out for sake of adventure and unique fun. Nevertheless, you need to be a certified diver from an acknowledged company with recent experience. Sites like Cara a Cara (that means Face to Face) sounds intimidating, however, they are absolutely safe with interesting surroundings. The dive sites are not only great for shark diving but also enchantingly beautiful with patches of soft and hard coral gardens. Moreover, there are numerous small fish and other sea creatures floating about you.
Waihuka Adventure Diving holds classes six times a day from Monday to Saturday. The first dive begins early in the morning at 9 am, the next one is held at 11:30 am and for those who can’t make it early, there is dive scheduled at about 2 pm. The dive center provides equipment rental at a convenient rates. Make sure you book in advance as they don’t take direct booking. It is feasible to book online on their site or you can also contact them once you are in Roatan through different dive centers. Waihuka Adventure Diving takes impeccable safety measures and appoints only highly skilled and professional dive masters and instructors who are experts when it comes to diving at shark territories. Before the tour, you will be given a brief description of the sharks’ behaviors and traits. A video footage of shark dives is shown to build up gusto and to increase the enthusiasm.
The dive site, Cara a Cara, is a natural habitat of sharks. During your diving excursion, you will meet female Caribbean Reef Sharks with an impressive Shark Diving in Roatan with Waihuka Adventure Divingheight of 6 to 7 feet. The handsome creatures show an unusual daytime schooling behavior. The water is crystal clear with visibility going as deep as 80 feet so tourists can observe the sharks quite easily. To add to the thrill, you are given a chance to offer sharks a snack of fish in a bucket from a safe distance. Never feel too brave to feed the sharks individually by hand. When the spell of fishy snack is lifted, sharks tend to take off in different directions. Tourists can then dive to enjoy the underwater scenery of reefs, corals, rock formations, the famous Moray Eel Garden, and observe the splendor of schools of solemn fish going around minding their own business. Cara a Cara has a diverse number of Snappers and Groupers. The main staff of Waihuka consists of Sergio; a diver for over 30 years, who will accompany you on your diving tours, Maurillo; the owner and operator of Waihuka, who will make sure you feel at home, Roberto; your extremely skilled dive-master and Ronnie who will video and photograph your adventurous moments on camera so you could show them off to your pals back at home. Diving with sharks is a phenomenal underwater experience.
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