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Are you a couple looking for something unique with just a right amount of excitement and peace? Perhaps you are a family with teenagers who want to do something other than ordinary this family holiday? Or maybe you are a backpacker traveling all over the world? No matter what kind of vacation time you are looking for, a calm summer retreat on an island to a holiday full of adrenaline surges, Roatan Island is what you want it to be. The exotic island is not your typical respite. Yes, there are lovely beaches, crystal-clear water, souvenir shops, shopping opportunities and amazing parties, but that’s not all, there is much more to Roatan. One of the great ways to experience the isle is to book a tour. Roatan Christopher Tours is your key to an adventurous getaway and a lively time. The company welcomes you warmly to the island, and takes you to explore the little Caribbean world with an insight of culture, local history, and who knows you may find out about secret hot spots hidden away from the usual tourist crowd. Known for their excellent customer services, safety precautions, usage of high-quality equipment and not to mention, their knowledge of Roatan make Christopher Tours a superb choice for traversing the isle. The guests are provided with private fully air-conditioned vehicles and are accompanied by a cordial, bilingual tour guide. Roatan Christopher Tours offers shore excursion, cruises, zip-line adventures, and trips to parks, mangrove tours, and horseback riding, para-sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling and plenty of more things.
Roatan Beach Tour

With the help of Roatan Christopher Tours, have an incredible day on sublime white sand Tabyana Beach on West Bay. Although it is amazing for relaxing and getting a tan, there are also lots of activities for kids and grown-ups. For just $15 per person, a 25 minutes long Banana Boat Ride is simply fun and suitable for children too. For a more exciting activity, try out para-sailing for $65. Soar to new levels and enjoy breathtaking views of the sea in 30 minutes. You can also go for jet-skiing and snorkeling for $65 and $15 respectively. When you have had all the frisky fun, it’s time to kick back and relax. Have a cozy picnic with your loved ones, have a drink in a bar and get to see the beautiful sunset.

Mangrove Tour and East End Sightseeing

Roatan Christopher Tours takes you to a historical trip of the island. Observe and learn about the different cultural backgrounds of towns like French Harbor and Coxen Hole. On your way, you will visit some great sea-food restaurants and bars. The best stop of the trip is on East End, the Iguana Farm. The farm is a home to more than 3000 iguanas along with monkeys, turtles, lobsters, tarpon fish, conch and a diverse number of marine animals. Afterwards, Mangrove Tour will begin as a drive to Garifuna Town and Oak Ridge, which is built over a mangrove tunnel. The sights you will get to see are truly wondrous and provide a great opportunity for clicking some photographs.

Zip-line Adventures and Suspension Bridges

The private Canopy tours and enticing walks on suspension bridges allow you to explore Roatan in a different perspective. A stroll of a jungle 200 feet above the ground followed by a zipping rush through the trees is simply wicked.

Diving and Snorkeling

Take a dip into the sea and visit the exquisite underwater creatures and divine scenery. The rates for scuba diving are $132.00 per person and for snorkeling; it’s $65.00 per person.


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