Roatan Adventures in Gumbalimba Park

Roatan Adventures in Gumbalimba Park1


Gumbalimba Park is on West Bay of Roatan and it won’t be wrong to call it an absolute wonderland for adults and kids alike. Whenever you are on vacation, you simply want to try everything out. However, due to lack of time it becomes impossible to experience every single thing. In Roatan, for having a great taste of the island, Gumbalimba Park is a perfect destination. The parks sums up Roatan entirely; from lively water adventures to amusing forested excursions, from cruises to hikes, from getting a tan on a sunny beach to a serene walk in a blooming botanical garden. Gumbalimba is a complete fun package! It doesn’t matter if you are on a romantic retreat, on a family respite or on a buddy reunion, have a splendid day packed with enjoyment and merriment. The park is a great place to come if you have a day time in Roatan. It allows tourists to experience plenty of things over a short period of time. Furthermore, the inclusive Gumbalimba is prime spot for admiring the island’s history and culture. History buffs will just love the Coxen Cave which is a quaint gift shop designed as a pirate’s cave and portrays historical paintings, artworks, weapons, maps on the walls of the gloomy cave. When your recreational day comes to an end, head over to Gecko Cafe, a poolside restaurant, where they serve everyone’s favorite cuisines and beverages.

Roatan Adventures in Gumbalimba Park

Gumbalimba Park offers different activities and tours. Some of the most popular ones are following;

Canopy Tours

Canopy Tours in Gumbalimba is quite famous. While zipping around the jungle from tree to tree, you will be tempted to yell like a Tarzan. The awe-inspiring rush and going against the laws of gravity combined with beautiful and verdurous jungle scenery make canopy tours an awesome experience. There are 17 stations available for zip-lining, and cables that have a range of 120 to 500 feet! The amazing journey starts at the top of the park, at Creation Rock. The tourists are provided with all the gear and equipment.

Most Enjoyable Shore Excursion and Park Tours

Gumbalimba Park has various cruise lines that provide tourists with entertaining tours such as Pirates, Birds and Monkeys of the Caribbean, GumbalimbaRoatan Adventures in Gumbalimba Park Preservation Park, Gumbalimba Park & Pirate Cave and Gumbalimba Park and Tabyana Beach. For booking and further information, contact the shore excursion department. Land tours in park include a visit to a whimsical Coxen Cave, nature walks in blossoming botanical gardens, thrilling and exciting canopy tours, a subtle meeting with exotic animals in their sanctuary, and a tour to Insectarium for a look at creepy-crawlies. Your Roatan holiday will be incomplete if you don’t venture out for aquatic activities. There is both traditional and Hawaii blue kayaking, jet-skiing, powerful snorkeling and snuba dive tours. For placid times, take a dip in a pool and sip on a beverage. Afterwards if you feel like, take a stroll on a silvery beach and watch the amazing sunset vista.

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Location: West Bay, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras
Tel: 914-9196