Reef Gliders Diving

IFOver ten years ago, Reef Gliders was established in the West End at Roatan and the owners have been divers for years. Roatan is a beautiful island, full of dive sites, with most of the natural life still intact. The incredible atmosphere in Roatan brings about hundreds of tourists each year. At Reef Gliders, the aim is to provide a friendly as well a professional atmosphere where you can have fun scuba diving and ensure that you get the most out of this experience. That also means that no corners are cut when it comes to safety and protection and that the marine system surrounding the Roatan Island remains undamaged when it comes to diving.

Roatan diving companies are usually made up of owners whose passion in life is diving. It is not just about the money or business; it is about the act of diving itself which makes Reef Gliders a wonderful opportunity to avail, whether you want to learn how to dive or an expert diver already. There is something for everyone and there are different courses and packages to choose from. Reef Gliders are quite active when it comes to contributing and supporting the Sandy Bay and West End Marine Park and they also encourage their prospective customers to choose a dive center that is financially associated with a Marine Park because that ensures that there will be a reef in the future for generations yet to come. This clearly shows their dedication and commitment towards marine life and the fact that they choose to do something in order to preserve it.IF

Reef Gliders have two boats, and almost all the best dive sites are 15 minutes away making them an ideal location. There is a 27ft one and a 22ft panga. Panga’s are a popular choice recruited by dive centers because of their shallow draft. The main boat has a Mercury 115 hp engine which ensures short journeys are made skillfully and successfully to the West End dive sites within minutes. All boats are well maintained and equipped with first aid kits, emergency oxygen supplies, radios, life jackets, spare equipment and even fire extinguishers. When it comes to equipment, Reef Gliders mostly have Sherwood Scuba Diving equipment which is regularly maintained under a tough and rigid maintenance schedule. Dive computers can also be hired upon request. Breathing air is supplied by top notch Max Air 90 compressor with fill 4 whips. Since Reef Gliders are a PADI Gold Palm Resort, they are required to independently test their air suppliers for any contaminants every quarter.

There are a number of courses that you can do as well at Reef Gliders and these are divided into categories; the Entry level PADI diving courses, Intermediate and advanced PADI courses and PADI specialties. The course needed can be chosen according to requirement and diving level. Another interesting concept at Reef Gliders is PADI E-learning that is a new development. This basically allows students to complete the theory part of the PADI open water course online. The biggest advantage of this type of learning is that immense time can be saved on holiday when doing this course. In usual circumstances, it takes about 3 and half days to finish a PADI open water course but with e-learning option available, it can be done in 2 and a half days instead.

PADI e-learning : $120

PADI complete course: $245


Address: Reef Gliders, West End, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

Telephone: (504) 8913 5099