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They say if you haven’t had the chance to explore and dive into the Caribbean via the Roatan Island you haven’t had the true diving experience! Set well with in the Gulf of Honduras, Roatan is now gaining popularity for the variety of activities it offers to tourists specifically diving and snorkeling. What makes the island and its diving a premier activity is the proximity of the island to the second largest and uncorrupted coral reef of the world, the beauty of which is unparallelled. The Reef House Resort prides itself in being one of the oldest standing resort with thorough knowledge of the island, its functioning and surroundings. The resort and its diving center are both located at one of the most prime locations given it overlooks the beautiful waters and is quietly set away to ensure a comfortable stay. The diving facility is known to be safe and fun, the accommodation comfortable and clean and the food absolutely delicious! The diving sites are exquisite and photographers are known to fly in from all over the world to take in its beauty and preserve it in the form of breath taking photographs. A number of vacationers are pulled in by the number of affordable packages offered by Reef House Resort such as offering last year’s rates up until a month after the new year has begun.

What sets this resort apart from the many others on the island is its focus on diving. The resort is the perfect spot for individuals or groups who are serious about and most interested in this activity. The resort is small yet very intimate and cozy in its own way. As it caters to more serious divers the amount of people who indulge in and take part of it this side of the island is comparatively lower which means that the coral reef is almost untouched and sits in all of its original glory. The accommodation setting of the resort is also more connected and homely as well. The rooms are not set apart but attached and adjacent to each other. The plantation setting of the accommodation is quite different in comparison to the bungalows and huts offered by the other resorts. Each room has 2 sets of queen sized beds making the room spacious and comfortable. Additional services include free internet connectivity, television, daily maid services to tidy up the rooms as well as a private shower. What delights customers most is the fact that the packages offered by the resort include meals as well as another very convenient option to work or change your meals according to your dietary needs. More services included in the package are airport pick up and return as well as clean purified water as much as needed.

Reef House Resort offers a number of Dive courses and PADI certifications:

  • Open Water Diver Course
  • Open Water Referral Course
  • Advanced Open Water Course
  • Specialty or Adventure Diver Courses



There are plenty of other courses which are offered and assisted with by highly experienced and well knowledgeable instructors. One very popular dive is the “Night Dive” and why would it not be. Once the sun sets and the marine life comes alive the beauty within the waters is absolutely gorgeous! For a more comfortable and relaxed dive customers chose the “Boat Dive” where the swimming etc is cut down and one can just enjoy the underwater once off the boat and into the water. The resort offers a separate set of special offers such as prices of last year as well as last minute bookings which are not usually welcome as all resorts look to final bookings weeks before actual arrival so if you’ve made a sudden plan this is just the place to look up. The resort has added in a extra something; Preservation of the Ecosystem. How it works is that the resort requests a $10 additional fee which is taken from customers as a Marine Park Fee, all of which goes into the maintenance and protection of the island and the ecosystem.

Location: Carretera Ms Vecina, Oak Ridge, Honduras


Single Room: $750.00

Double Room: $650.00

Triple Room: $550.00

* The rates are quoted for the 5 nights package. Various other packages including Scuba diving and without it varying for number of nights are offered. Please check website for further details.

Amenities: Full meals each day, air-conditioned rooms, two queen beds, private bathroom & shower, hair dryer,  cable TV, 110v AC current and plug-ins which are the same as in the US, no converters needed


Phone Number: 1-877-812-5715 or 678-359-1400


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