Palm Beach



At one point in their lives everyone dream of the perfect beach vacation on some far away gorgeous Caribbean island. You can easily picture yourself lying in the pearly white powdery sand with a cool drink in hand that is topped from sunrise to sunset. Not a care in the world, and all your problems gone away for the time being; that is what everybody thinks about when on such a beach vacation. White sand, turquoise blue waters and the sun setting on the horizon, seems like a picture right out of some postcard. If it seems to good to be true, you can head on over to the Roatan Island to see for yourself. In the Caribbean you can have all that and more if you set out to explore some of the best beaches that Roatan has to offer. Beaches, hiking trails, lush greenery and spectacular waterfalls are just some of the things that make Honduras so beautiful. Every year there are thousands of tourists waiting to catch a glimpse of all that they have heard regarding the beauty of the land and they are never disappointed or sold short.

Whether you are in the mood for a romantic getaway or a seasoned diver waiting to hit the ocean and reefs, the beaches in Roatan will fail to disappoint you. One such beach, Palm Beach is known for being a private, undiscovered gem of sorts that not a lot of people know about. That is because when a cruise ship brings passengers to a certain bay; the people tend to explore the beaches nearby, already filled with a lot of people. If you are really in the mood for adventure and want to make the most of your vacation then get a cab from Mahogany Bay and head out towards Palm Beach. Once you arrive, you will realize why this trip is worth the extra cab fare. This undiscovered gem is not inhabited by a lot of people so you have the privacy that you need to relax and rejuvenate. It is very important to rejuvenate in peace when it comes to a beach vacation because you cannot really fulfill that dream of drink in hand, looking over the glittering ocean, and feeling on top of the world with a lot of people to hinder your view and invade your personal space. The day pass for entering the beach is a mere sum of $10 per person and for that amount of money you can enjoy the beach all day long. beach

For the enthusiasts who are looking for a bit more, there is a key that you can swim out to and explore the variety of marine life that inhabits the area. There is also a lot to discover if you are a seasoned snorkeler since the fish in the ocean really add to the experience. It seems almost unreal, when you are swimming side by side with various species of fish in the ocean. There are water sports such as diving and surfing to choose from as well and plenty to eat and drink. Palm Beach is a beautiful place and one worth enjoying as much as you can.