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Whether you are looking for a dive package, visiting Roatan for a cruise life or exploring the world of underwater life for the first time, Ocean Connections is the right place to be at; especially if it is your first time as a diver since they will make sure that is an experience that is not to be forgotten anytime soon. Quality care and an air of professionalism mixed with the right amount of balance can be very important for a dive company since customers do want to have fun at the end of the day. However, that fun shouldn’t be risked over the price of their safety. That is an advantage that Ocean Connections has, where their instructors are all qualified and ready to give you a good time at some of the world’s best dive sites.

At Ocean Connections there is a variety of PADI courses to choose from along with a scheduled list of daily fun dives for customers to enjoy. Like most dive companies, Ocean Connections also focuses on catering to a small group of people to take per boat so that one on one attention doesn’t become a problem and some of the best dive sites at Roatan can be easily experienced and enjoyed by every customer, within their own space. Located in the West End of Roatan where a large number of dive sites are fifteen minutes away by boat, makes Ocean Connections’ location an ideal one. The West End of Roatan also houses a small community of avid divers who have also set up shop there, since the area is pretty popular among passionate divers of all ages. The West End side has something for everyone including those on a budget and the versatility at Ocean Connections is no different.

Within minutes of arriving at the front door of Ocean Connections, they can set you up and get you to any dive site that you want to visit. Some of their dive packages include accommodation at the beautiful Sea Breeze Inn, which is located right across the road from the dive center in the West End, which means easy access for all the customers. You can arrive, unwind, unpack at one of the rooms with stunning beach front views and head right on over to explore canyons and swim troughs beyond your wildest imagination.

Roatan’s marine life is representative of more than 95% of the overwhelming species found in the Caribbean and is also a part of the great Mesoamerican Reef. Being the 2nd largest reef system in the entire world, dive shops from the West End Lagoon such as Ocean Connections have a bigger access to more than 40 dive sites to explore and enjoy. These include an exciting array of three ship wrecks, 20 different wall dives, deep sandy sites to name a few. The variety of dive courses offered at Ocean Connections range from PADI diving courses to Open Water Advanced, Rescue, Dive master and the daily fun dives that take place three times a day, every day.  a


Address: West End, Roatan Bay Islands of Honduras

Email: diving@ocean-connections.com

Website: www.ocean-connections.com