Native Sons Dive Shop & Chilles Hotel


Located on the West End, Roatan, Native Sons Dive Shop and Chilles Hotel is known for its relaxing atmosphere, first class instructors and boats, a flawless record for safety and excellent equipment. Each year their number of customers increases which goes to show that diving with them is a world class and memorable experience indeed. The good part about them is the fact that their groups are small, making it easy for them to find out what interests their customers and matching that with the perfect dive site. Even if you are on a two week dive vacation, a dive site need not be repeated.

The team of instructors is all well trained to take good care of customers and dedicated towards making safety the top most priority. However, that doesn’t mean the diving isn’t fun! Whether you are hanging around the shop or ready to take a dive with the instructors, they will be there to help and to make your experience at Native Sons, one to remember. The crew makes it all come together, making sure everything runs smoothly and in order.

The Roatan shore is filled to the brim with gorgeous and exciting dive sites which Native Sons helps you to explore. Crimson coral wrecks that house natural habitats for creatures such as sea horses and lobsters are not uncommon and can be a wonderful site to visit. With Native Sons, dive into the wonderful abyss of aquatic life, see manta rays, turtles and schools of fish stream past you or over your head and let yourself glide in nature’s territory. It is definitely an experience that is not to be missed out on. 38

At Native Sons, they are all divers which give them the years of expertise that they need in the field and they make sure their customer’s needs are also fulfilled. This is what defines their family lifestyle. For beginners there are diving lessons with trained instructors to help them to ease into what diving is, how it is done and what needs to follow. However, expert divers can still come and enjoy their time at Native Sons where they can see and explore some of the best diving sites, this side of Roatan. The instructions for diving go from beginner to dive master and hence one can easily choose a course that is per requirement.

The boats at Native Sons are all custom made and the gear top notch. The two boats they have were designed and built by one of their own crew members which reinforce their values for family and keeping the business within the home. The Uba Isti, which is one boat, means Very Fast in a Mosquitian dialect and it is a 48ft boat with a 465 hp diesel engine. Launched in May 2009, it rapidly became one of the top liners in Roatan. Comfort and safety are the top words that come to mind when in regard to this boat. The second boat is called The Insidious which is 32ft with a 200hp engine that will get you to any dive site faster than you can imagine. In front of the West End is the Roatan Marine Park which stretches over 8 miles and has some of the most stunning dive sites in the world. With Native Sons, you can scope out the best and have an experience of a lifetime.


Address: Native Sons Dive Shop & Chilles Hotel
West End Roatan, Honduras

Telephone: Honduras (504) 2445-4003