Mayan Princess Resort Beach



Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands of the Honduras, off the northern coast and is rapidly emerging as the port of call for cruises of the west Caribbean. The island is known for its incredible beauty which includes jungle covered areas, mountainous territory, sandy white beaches and of course the second largest barrier reef in the world. The reef itself is a paradise palace for the plethora of marine life that calls the sea its home but even more so for divers since they get to explore the wonderful world that they love with such a passion. However there is much to do and discover on this 40 mile long stretch of land called the Roatan Island. With kayaking, snorkeling, diving and glass bottom boat tours, there is a lot that can be done while you are staying in the Caribbean and not a moment should go to waste, especially when it comes to discovering the gorgeous acclaimed beaches of Roatan.

The Mayan Princess Resort has a beach that is said to be a heaven on earth. The place is right next to the resort itself which has guests staying over and even boasts a pool. The Mayan Princess Resort Beach is part of the resort and so guests have access to the beach along with other people who can opt for a day pass. That basically means the beach is not open to the public and hence anyone who can pay the entrance fee is allowed, unlike other beaches. This basically aims to eliminate the crowd which can be so often seen at tourists destinations and to make the site actually rejuvenating instead of a tense, and stressful environment with too many people. A great aspect is the fact that you have a resort where you can stay and unwind and right down onwards you have the beach at your disposal. You don’t have to take a cab or a bus to go and travel to find a beach that is near you. Your belongings and bags are safe and sound in your room at the resort and without a worry in the world you can go on ahead and snorkel or dive or just stroll on the Mayan Princess Resort Beach if you please without a worry in the world. That is just what the Caribbean air does to you; makes you forget about the stress and unpleasantries of real life, because ultimately you have to go back there so why worry when on vacation.mayann

The Caribbean air is rich with cultural music most of the time and soon enough you will find yourself nodding and swaying in tune with the music and the feeling of the utmost comfort and happiness is bound to take over you soon. At the Mayan Princess Resort you can get a day pass which is inclusive of access to the resort and beach, restrooms, restaurant and get a couple of beach chairs to make your day wonderful. With all of that sorted out, what is stopping you from having the time of your life?