Main Attractions in Roatan Island


Roatan Island can easily boast the fact of having the most beaches in all of the Bay Islands combined together and perhaps more attractions to offer to tourists coming from all over the world. People are quickly realizing that there is indeed a lot to be discovered in Roatan Island and hence a trip or two must be taken. Once you arrive at the Roatan Island you will be greeted with gentle waves lapping softly against the sandy shorelines where you can swim, play with your kids, make sand castles, snorkel, and scuba dive, swing a hammock under the shady palm trees or do absolutely nothing at all because this island is a vacationer’s paradise.

Although there are a vast number of beaches on the island, West Bay Beach and West End Village have long been the core favorites of not only tourists but even the locals. For more extra fun along the way, taking in the picturesque landscape, a water taxi can be taken from West End Village to West Bay and it can be a wonderful experience especially if you have kids along for the ride. Children tend to highly enjoy activities involving water and water sports so get them to experience and enjoy as much as they can. Scuba diving and snorkeling are the main attractions in Roatan Island without a doubt. The reef system, which is the second largest in the world is revered and visited by tourists from all over the world for either diving or snorkeling. Home to most of the marine life in the Caribbean the reef system also attracts a lot of explorers who wish to learn more about the sea life of Roatan. There are sharp drop offs, canyons, swim troughs, cays and a whole lot more that can be explored. These sharp drop offs can offer a stunning place for wall diving along with mazes and eerie tunnels that can provide an incredible experience. Night diving, cave diving, wreck diving; there are many attractions that can pursued while on Roatan Island and vacationers can make the most of them by seeking out any of the numerous dive companies within the area. Any of these dive companies can provide you with dive certification after lessons and you can sign up as per your level requirement. From beginner to advanced, they have all kind of PADI courses and these can be availed either from an independent dive company or an all inclusive dive resort on Roatan Island.22

Swim with the dolphins, dive with gorgeous white sharks, explore some of the largest species of fish in the Caribbean or simply take a glass bottom boat tour of the azure blue waters; Roatan Island has unique activities planned when it comes to aquatic adventures. There is a plethora of options to choose from such as kayaking, fishing, sailing, horseback riding, hiking, and a whole lot more. If you are more the adventure enthusiast there is zip line canopy, an incredible mangrove tour, island tour and camel rides. For the families on vacation, group activities such as visiting the Botanical Gardens, Iguana Farm, Hydroponics Farm or the Garifuna which is the Afro-Caribbean village at the Punta Gurda. Later a massage on the beach front, followed by a dinner consisting of the cultural delicacies, and a cool drink while you stroll on the beach should wrap up the evening pretty nicely. There are plenty of local bars and restaurants to try out and a large fishing fleet provides a never ending supply of fresh and deliciously healthy, wide array of seafood.  Hamburgers, steak, pizza, pasta, seafood, quiche, vegetarian, Thai, Italian and more can be found on menus with various selections ranging from fine dining to quick snacks.