Mahogany Beach


Mahogany Beach is located on Mahogany Bay in the Honduras and is the perfect escape for anyone looking for a tropical vacation. The Caribbean culture, the glistening ocean, and the powdery white sand all contribute to Mahogany Beach being one of the best beaches this side of the Roatan Island.  Most people fail to take a vacation even if they can for often they just cannot decide where to go. If you haven’t been to Roatan before, then now is the time. The sunsets are gorgeous, the setting picturesque and the people incredibly hospitable. Your time at Mahogany Beach can indeed be a memorable one.

Often cruises include a popular day at the beach which can include the cruise passengers exploring the nearby areas. Carnival Corp. is one such company where they do a day on a private beach on a public island, off the Caribbean coast. This beach is Mahogany Beach on the island of Roatan. Once the cruise ship reaches Mahogany Bay, the passengers are allowed to walk off the ship and explore the place that they stop at. This can include shopping at villages, choosing a boat excursion or simply heading off to Mahogany Beach for a quiet day under the sun. The beach itself is a 10 acre land area filled with lounge chairs for comfort, cabanas that can be rented if you want to spend a longer time there, floats, a volleyball beach court and a vast array of water sports to choose from. The beautiful white sandy beach is about 820 feet long. Once you step on the beach it seems as if stretches on endlessly. The sound of the waves as they crash against each other can be very soothing indeed once you close your eyes and just listen to the aura created by Mother Nature.mahogany-beach-roatan

The beach is walking distance from most of the resorts in Roatan and hence a 10 minute stroll with your loved one or a couple of friends could turn into something fun. For a more exciting opportunity, and for $10, people can opt to try out the Magical Flying Beach Chair, again provided by Carnival. The Chair is basically a ride, an elevated chair lift that is similar to the ones used in ski resorts. It takes six minutes to cross the 1200 feet of cables that are suspended at 67 feet above the canopy of trees. On that ride you can get a good, long look at the beach as well as the surrounding beautiful country side and the spectacular views that it can provide. The waters at Mahogany Beach are clear and warm. Who would want to say no to a private sun kissed pool? Mahogany Beach provides the setting for your perfect Honduran vacation and is definitely a treat to enjoy. Many people from all over the world come to visit the gorgeous beaches in Roatan, and get awe struck by the majestic beauty that Mother Nature has bestowed in the Honduras. Most of the beaches are natural here, instead of manmade. A trip to Mahogany Beach is one memory that you will not forget soon.