Las Rocas Resort and Dive Center


The Las Rocas Resort and Dive Center is tucked away in an ideal location in the ever gorgeous West Bay Beach and offers a perfectly intimate and picturesque setting for the perfect Island paradise. The Las Rocas Resort and Dive Center offers both accommodation and diving and provides a world class valet experience where you can simply relax and bathe in the glow of your perfect tropical vacation. Once you arrive, you have the option of unpacking, unwinding at one of the many bungalows the resort has to offer and head off to one of the best diving experiences this side of the Roatan Island, which are a few minutes away from your door. This double deal of accommodation and diving can be a wonderful way to spend that perfect vacation that you need. Sometimes it is important to let go of the hustle and bustle of city life and unwind from all the stress to simply laze around in the afternoon sunshine at the Las Rocas Resort and Dive Center.

So whether it is lazing under the gentle breeze in a swaying hammock, dancing under the coconut trees at sun down or swimming with the fish to explore a world beyond your imagination, the Las Rocas Resort and Dive Center has all that you need to make your time worthwhile. Let the Caribbean waves mesmerize you and take you away from the stress of everyday life. Moreover the Las Rocas Resort and Dive Center gives you the opportunity to dive in the largest barrier reef of the northern hemisphere and explore a world that is bound to awe you. The center is minutes away from some 40 and more dive sites of the Roatan Island including troughs, canyons and cliffs unlike you have ever seen before. Underwater species can also be explored and those include manta rays, dolphins, snappers, groupers, sea turtles, and a whole lot more. Such an opportunity should not be taken lightly and one should make the most out of such an incredible journey. lasrocass

Wet ‘n Wild 100% divers is the Las Rocas Resort and Dive Center’s on site dive shop that has top of the range diving equipment and they are even authorized with PADI diving center to reinforce their credibility as a professional institute. Along with the state of the art diving equipment the center also offers full PADI dive courses for prospective customers. The good thing about Las Rocas Resort and Dive Center is that they prefer to take small groups when diving, with the limit for maximum divers on a boat to be 9 along with a qualified and experienced instructor. This is advantageous for prospective divers because this way one qualified instructor can give his/her full attention to the divers on the boat. A small group means there is more room for focused teaching.

Rates for Dives:

One tank boat dive- $40

Night dive- $40

5 dive package- $180

10 dive package- $320

15 dive package- $420

Dolphin dive- $160

Shark’s Place- $100

Mary’s Place- $50

Rental equipment (all day, regulator, mask, fins, BCD, wet suit) -$10

Torch- $5


Address: West Bay Beach, Roatan Bay Islands, Honduras

Telephone: (504) 2408 5760