Lands End Ocean Front Lodge, Bar & Lounge – A Heavenly Getaway

View at sunset in Lands End Lounge
Lends End Lounge

Lands End Ocean Front Lodge, Bar & Lounge is the perfect getaway for those looking to escape from their frustrating noise and daily grind. Whether you need this heavenly getaway for a honeymoon, a relaxing vacation, diving, a romantic retreat, snorkeling or some quality time on the beach, this is the place to be. The lodge or B&B is full of comfort, relaxation and offers an escape from all your troubles – at least for a short while. The stay at Lands End is pretty affordable for all couples or families. It provides plenty of activities and full schedules if you want a vacation full of fun and time spent productively. If all you want is relaxation and some personal time and space, Lands End Ocean Front Lodge, Bar & Lounge can provide that as well; they organize your schedule based completely on your own choices.


Lands End Ocean Front Lodge, Bar & Lounge has a spectacular view of the ocean as is obvious from the name. It offers a full panoramic view of the beach, the ocean, the shore and the lush green of the entire area. The owners declare it to be a ‘wildly romantic’ iron shore that is both soothing and exciting, giving you maximum pleasure just by the view and the sounds of the waves hitting the shore. The lodge also has the biggest front deck in the entire area of the West End in Roatan.

Ocean Front Bedroom
Ocean Front Bedroom in Lands End Lodge


Lands End Ocean Front Lodge has 10 main guestrooms, named charmingly after the tropical flora, fauna or birds. Wahoo, Venado, Tucan and Coco are all spaciously constructed extremely comfortable rooms that give you the illusion of luxury in a tropical paradise. Wahoo is on the 2nd floor and boasts a king size bed with a vaulted ceiling, a balcony facing to the west, a hammock to laze in and a window facing the north side. Venado has a king size and double bed, located on the first floor. It includes the west facing balcony and the window situated to look out north. The Tucan room has a queen size and twin bed and is located on the 2nd floor. It has a vaulted ceiling, a balcony facing west, a hammock and a window facing southwards. The Coco room is located on the 1stfloor and has a queen size and twin bed. Both these rooms can be occupied by a single person, a couple or three people. All the rooms include an AC, TV, internet Wi-Fi, a full breakfast, room safe, balconies, hammocks, a daily maid to service the room and multilingual staff.


Even though Lands End Ocean Front Lodge is a place designed to provide maximum relaxation, it also offers a wide range of activities around the lodge or down to the village. There is a pool for those interested in swimming within the lodge’s boundaries, a bar, access to the ocean reef, and a few gift shops. Snorkeling is arranged for those interested to do so at the lodge’s dock. There are plenty of spots great for snorkeling and catching views of the amazing ocean life. Diving, nature trails, hunting, hiking, kiting and wind surfing can also be arranged for the staying guests. There are other activities offered like horseback riding, a zip line canopy tour and fishing expeditions.

Scuba Diving:

Roatan is one of the most beautiful places to dive in. It has a wonderfully immense stricture of ocean life, plants as well as fish and other creatures. There are plenty of dive shops available to get your gear pr replace the one you brought with you. There is a submarine tour arranged for those wanting to see the depths of the ocean. There are shark dives and dolphin viewings arranged for the more serious divers.

Lands End Restaurant:

The restaurant offers a full breakfast from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Opening hours and menu choices may change according to the owner’s wishes. They offer a full, scrumptious breakfast along with your choice of cold or hot drinks. There might be crepes, sandwiches and other specials offered around midday so the guests can snack either in the restaurant or take the food with them to different trips around the area.

Contact Information:


Phone: (504) 98178994