How to Get to Roatan Island



Roatan Island is indeed a vacationer’s paradise. What with the tremendous amount of beaches, hidden coves and caverns to explore, diving and snorkeling spots, botanical gardens, marine reserves and whole lot more. But what most guides don’t tell you is how to exactly get there. Roatan Island is the largest of the Bay Islands of the Honduras so securing a direct flight isn’t a problem. The problem is how to access the area you need to go to. Perhaps the resort you are staying in is nowhere near the airport, and you might need to cancel your rooms then which leads to extra fare. In order to avoid these hassling issues a good idea is to plan out your map, of how to get to Roatan Island from wherever you are.

There are three main airlines that you can opt for; Continental, Delta and Taca Airlines which have direct flights from the United States to Roatan Island. Continental Airlines flies direct from Houston to Roatan Island. The second option would be to fly from New York if you are there to San Pedro Sula which is on the Honduran main land and get a connection to Roatan from there. American Airlines or Continental Airlines can also be flown via Belize City to San Pedro Sula for a connection to Roatan from the Honduras main land.  Taca Airlines is a low fare and pretty economical Latin American airline that flies to Roatan Island direct from both Houston and Miami. The connecting flights to Roatan Island are from New Orleans, San Francisco, and Los Angeles which is basically covering all the major cities. Sol Air is another airline, relatively new which was launched recently and has direct flights to Roatan Island from Miami and Dallas. Taca Airline and Continental both have daily flights as well into the cities of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, where again a connection can be taken to the island. There is a Galaxy Ferry which travels between the coastal cities of the La Ceiba, to the Dixon Cove in Roatan Island, twice every day. Once you are on the island, you can get to virtually any destination via a number of different means of transportation such as bus service, taxis which are quite cheap, ferries and water taxis.CONTINENTAL AIRLINES 787-9 DREAMLINER

Once you arrive at the international arrival area, you will notice a number of small tables or booths on your right. These are basically set up for the rental car pick up area. Under normal circumstances, these booths will only be staffed if an international carrier is landing passengers. Most of the time these car agencies will not staff the booth during arrival unless a reservations has been made already. At this point it is highly important you reserve your rental car in advance of your arrival. These rental car agencies will deliver the car to the resort you are staying at or if you have a private home for the vacation period. Once the technicalities have been dealt with, your tropical paradise is ready to be explored!