Hotel Chillies – The Best Budget Hotel

Hotel Chillies
View of Sunset from Hotel Chillies

Hotels Chillies is touted as one of the best budget hotels on this side of Roatan, Honduras. It is very reasonable when it comes to lodging and food, and also provides most of the amenities you’d find in more expensive places. Hotel Chillies is comfortable in terms of rooms and gardens, along with a sight for sore eyes. It is a beautifully made place which causes the guests to break out in a smile, especially since it’s situated in one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean. The target of the owners here is to make guests feel welcomed, relaxed and as happy as they expected to be on a tropical paradise. Hotel Chillies is a well maintained, well run and very well constructed place that caters to all the guests’ whims and makes sure no one leaves the place unhappy.


Hotel Chillies is located in a beautiful, lush location which everyone will marvel at and appreciate. It is situated right in the heart of Half Moon Bay beach, which makes it a prime location for those looking for some fun and sun. Keeping in mind its location, the guests can have a good time playing on the beach, participating in water sports, sunbathing and soaking up the warm rays of the sun. But besides that the important part is that the guests can also obtain the desired rest and relaxation they came to Hotel Chillies for. It is not too far from the local markets if the guests feel the need to shop and explore, and it is not too close to it either, affording privacy and peace to the guests.


Bedroom View
Bedroom at Hotel Chillies

There is a main house for the guests to stay in at Hotel Chillies, along with two bedroom cabins. The rooms located in the main house have connecting bathrooms that are to be shared by the guests living in the rooms. Cold water is available at all times, along with a fully functioning shared kitchen. There are dorm beds for $10 and private rooms for $22 which can be taken by one individual or shared by a couple. If 3 people want to occupy the main rooms, the cost will be $30 and for 4 people, it goes up to $34.

At some distance from their lush, jungle garden, there are 2 cabins with 2 bedrooms each. There is a charming kitchenette, running water, shared bathroom and a porch with a big hammock. A single room can be rent out for $26 to a single person or a couple and $32 for 3 people. To rent the entire cabin, it will cost $52 for 4 people, $58 for people and $64 for 6 people. All these are prices for a single staying night.


Hotel Chillies is only 5 minutes away from the sea, where tons of sports activities are available for the guests to take part in. The guests can swim to the reefs or snorkel and explore the beautiful ocean life, readily available a few inches beneath the water surface. There are dive shops in front of Hotel Chillies, to help restock your snorkeling gear and provide you with the basic necessities. Walks on the beach, sunbathing, reading and just relaxing on the beach are activities that should definitely be experienced by all the visitors. They can also ask the owners for popular local spots and go out exploring the area. There is a thick and lush green jungle garden that has brilliant views at sundown and interesting pathways which will make for an amazing exploring experience.

Scuba Diving:

Scuba diving can be done individually but the guests are asked to either take a local instructor or go with some experienced people for safety reasons. A dive shop by the name of Native Sons is located right in front of the hotel and offers diving gear for rent. There are dive operators at West End and Sandy Bay who can help in finding diving spots around the area.


There are a few dining places located in the nearby local market and village. They serve a variety of cuisine, from fresh sea food to the old favorites. There is a marked variety of the sea food available and the chefs are dedicated to preparing really great food for the visitors.

Contact Information:


Phone: 504 2445 40 03