Hostel La Buena Onda – A Cool, Hip Getaway

Common Room.
Hostel La Buena Onda: Living Room + Kitchen.

Hostel La Buena Onda is a great hostel, built to accommodate lots of space within the area so it all looks like one huge house. The hostel has been specially constructed for the young, hip international travelers to Roatan, Honduras. The Hostel La Buena Onda has been recently constructed, which means it has the latest furnishings and amenities. It has been carefully decorated by the owner herself – Sophie. She takes special care to see that the hostel is attractive, charming, and modern but still with the traditional tropical feel of the island itself. The hostel is pretty close to the main area of West End where guests can look around and experience the local culture along with shopping and getting a real feel for the area.


The amazing part about Hostel La Buena Onda is that all the rooms are situated around this huge tree which spreads its leafy branches along all the roofs! It makes for a beautiful view along with cool shady rooms, despite the humid tropical weather. It is technically located next to the petrol station in West End, Honduras. The hostel offers scenic beauty all around the main building and from most of the windows of the rooms.


Hostel La Buena Onda
Hostel La Buena Onda

The 3 rooms at Hostel La Buena Onda have been built around a very big tree, which appears to be the main focal point of the entire place. One room is for 4 guests while the other 3 are for about 6 staying guests. All the rooms have running hot water and all the basic amenities of home. There is also a spacious loft with an open kitchen to cook your meals in if you feel like cooking yourself. There is a big living room with TV and a DVD player to watch movies or your favorite shows while lazing away at the hostel. The movies are available in several languages to accommodate guests of all nationalities and internet facilities are also available to catch up with friends and family. There is a very spacious garden, full of lush green tropical flora, complete with hammocks and all the trappings of a barbeque. This affords all the guests a chance to get together and have fun with each others’ company. A terrace has also been constructed for use, if any of the guests feel like star gazing in the night.


Swimming and snorkeling are both very popular activities at Hostel La Buena Onda. The guests can take walks around the area, go hiking and explore the beautiful tropical land. They can ask the locals of West End for popular places to visit and arrange picnics with the owner of Hostel La Buena Onda. Cooking, sunbathing, watching movies or participating in the weekly movie night are all activities available for the guests.

Scuba Diving:

Roatan, Honduras is an island full of amazing diving spots that diving enthusiasts can visit in the Caribbean Sea. The hostel does not offer any diving services but the West End locals have dive shops for renting gear and they also know of local instructors who will be willing to help the divers find a spot or two.


The local restaurants are increasingly popular with the huge variety of foods they offer due to the tourist market. There are many kinds of fresh seafood along with different cuisines available, duplicating dishes from all cultures.

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