Half Moon Resort

Half Moon Resort


Located on the beautiful island of Roatan in Half Moon Bay this resort is a definite consideration for a fun vacation.  Half Moon Resort gets its name from its location. Many a times when work gets too stressful or one just needs a break from the hectic schedule a vacation always sounds good. People usually head towards cooler places for a relaxing time. The perfect vacation package is a mixture of both fun and rest which may include a number of activities, good cuisine, some amount of shopping and a comfortable accommodation to relieve the stress and exhaustion that comes from indulging in all that is mentioned above. With such criteria of a vacation Roatan Island definitely tops the list. Small yet consisting of each bit of the requirements the island is sure to wash away your worries and freshen you up to get back to work or your practical life otherwise with a big grin and a positive attitude! Tucked in the island is this intimate little resort which is well rooted in its history. Half Moon Resort is a family-run business which makes it all the more homely and inviting for tourists and vacationers. The staff is accommodating and helpful as they have knowledge of the resort as well as the island and its whereabouts which is why they are ever ready to give tips as an addition to the otherwise provided services. The resort promises an unforgettable experience with its well spoken staff, safe environment and delicious food!

A total of seventeen cabins altogether the resort is well known for the peaceful environment it provides as per its accommodation. The rooms are neat and tidy as well as very comfortable. The place is not very posh but just perfect for a comfortable yet affordable Caribbean vacation. The cabins are situated in a tropical garden formation with each one consisting of two beds as well as a private shower. There are clean sheets and the cabins give a very comfy vibe. The cabins share porches and each one has a hammock which allows customers to lay back and enjoy the beautiful sunsets and a view of the calm waters with perhaps a book or a hot cup of tea making the evening complete. What makes the cabins so much more attractive is that steps away from the large deck is clear water so if in the mood one can simply walk down and enjoy a bit of swimming or snorkeling at ease. Furthermore another addition on behalf of the resort which makes it even better is that they offer free snorkeling gear! Now you wouldn’t have heard that before. So you can enjoy the gorgeous marine life just steps away from the comfort of your very own cabin.

Half Moon Resort

It is always a pleasure to have meals made out of the freshest product! That is exactly what Half Moon Resort offers its customers. A little welcoming restaurant built right over the water with friendly staff and a thorough menu of amazing food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as cocktails are offered at this little bar and restaurant so if you’ve had enough of the water related fun for the day you should definitely head this way to taste some good food. Prepared by local professionals the food is well known around the area however it is still affordable which is the best bit. The pleasant setting of the place along with a wide variety of good taste attracts a number of vacationers and tourists.

Built on the edge of the busy town this is the perfect location for such a resort. Vacationers are known to come back time and again given the amazing service provided by the staff in combination with the amount of fun one can have once settled here for a getaway. Other than snorkeling kayaking is also taken up by a number of people who like to vary in their type of activity. Instructors for all kinds of activities are present and ready to guide beginners if needed. Lots of tourists just spend their days away sunbathing and dipping their feet in the water as there is nothing more pleasurable than a vacation spent relaxing and resting in a good atmosphere which is exactly what the Half Moon Resort guarantees.

Location: Carretera Pavimentada Principal, West End, Honduras.

Rates: Starting at $ 60

Amenities: Phone + Fax, Free Parking, Restaurant, Room Service, Ceiling fans, Air conditioning, Snorkel gear, Hot water, Rest chairs, Hammocks.

Accommodations: 17 Rooms.


Website: http://roatanhalfmoonresort.com