Grand Roatan Beach Club



If you have ever been on a cruise in your life then you know for sure half the fun involved is getting there. With that being said, there is nothing more exciting than waking up one morning and realizing today is the day you get to explore a whole new country and really feel that you are living. Roatan is one of the Bay Islands of the Honduras that lies just north of the main land. In the early 1500’s Christopher Columbus first landed in the island but to this date, Roatan has now begun to welcome a different ocean vessel and that is the cruise ship. If you ask yourself why at this point then the answer is the fact that Roatan is the most beautiful island in the Caribbean and once you see for yourself what is being offered then you will begin to wonder why more people don’t know about it. As many people claim to say, the Roatan Island is the Caribbean’s best kept secret!

Once you arrive and get settled in, hit the beaches as soon as you can. The beaches in Roatan Island are incredibly beautiful and not worth missing out on and of course plenty in number. So when it comes to choosing which to explore, go for the Grand Roatan Beach Club. As the name suggests, this is more than just a beach and can offer you exciting opportunities to explore once you arrive. Even if you have to get a cab or a bus to get here, the money will be worth it. The beach is gorgeous; the water sports exciting, the staff hospitable and experience incredible. A great way to learning about any country and its culture is to talk to the natives and the natives at Grand Roatan Beach Club or the staff is more than happy to share their stories, life experiences and anything else that you wish to learn. They are quite hospitable and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.grr

The Grand Roatan Beach Club is a lush mixture of sandy white beach and all things tropical. From the array of greenery spread everywhere making the island look alive with its freshness to the marine life that can be discovered in the ocean. The Grand Roatan Beach Club looks like a just discovered and yet well hidden beach while offering their full services for anything that you need. At this point you can just grab a drink in hand and set off leisurely to the beach area where you can watch the ocean wave’s crash against each other while you lazily lounge under the sun. For the adventure enthusiasts there is also the option for snorkeling and with a small fee you can rent snorkeling gear right on the Grand Roatan Beach Club and head off towards the site for discovering an entirely new world. The marine life here boasts of more than a hundred different species of fish and various kinds of turtles, all of which you can see and even swim with when you go for the snorkeling trip