Fishing, Diving and Snorkeling in Roatan

Roatan Fishing

Just off the reef of Roatan Island are some great fishing spots. Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Barracuda, Tuna and many other species can be found in the beautiful waters. There is also a great opportunity for those who are more interested in snorkeling and diving and prefer the underwater adventure as compared to the one above water. There are also a vast number of dive shops on the island where one can rent equipment, find out general information and sign up for diving or snorkeling courses, officially registered PADI certifications. Most people like the diving with Dolphins at Anthony’s Key which seems to be a highly popular spot. If you are a good athletic swimmer then you can swim straight out starting from the west end of Roatan Island and going towards the white buoys for around 200 or so meters when you will arrive at 10 to 30 feet deep reef that is excellent for snorkeling and free diving. The site is breathtakingly beautiful and if you go slightly further out, the reef gets much deeper until eventually you hit a wall. When swimming, do watch out for motor boats since they often frequent the area.

Another fun thing to do would be to opt for a helicopter ride. See the second largest barrier reef system in the world a few thousand feet above it and experience an incredible thrill. The turquoise blue waters, the lush greenery and the little villages that seem tiny from far up above are truly a sight to behold. Aerocentro is one company that offers these helicopter tours. Bahia Watersports is another water sports company, located in West End which is known for their deep sea fishing, snorkeling, diving, or going to nearby islands such as those of Utila and Cayos Cochinos. The interior of the boat for the company is fitted with luxury comforts such as a kitchen, bathroom, DVD player, couches, flat screen TV and other similar amenities. The boat can also be chartered for an overnight stay. There is also Cool Running Tours operated by a bunch of local fisherman who can get you great spots for fishing, snorkeling or a tour of the island and Coconut Tree Divers which is a PADI career development program in Roatan Island. The shop offers 4 dives daily and there are night dives for every Tuesday and Thursday.77

Stanley Submarines is run by Karl Stanley who has been designing, piloting and building sea submersibles for more than 20 years now so he has plenty of experience under his belt. He has logged more than 1300 dives with guests being able to go to depths going to 2000 feet. He strives to provide cost effective and direct access to the deep waters for anyone who wishes to explore the wonderful world of underwater marine life. Being the cheapest tourists operation program in the world, the prices can vary from $400-$1500. There are other diving operations including Tyll’s Dive, Bananarama Dive Center and Black Pearl Divers to name a few. The fishing, diving and snorkeling is great in Roatan and probably unmatched anywhere else in the Caribbean.