Fins ‘n Flippers


If you have a love for the sea and a passion for its scenic beauty then a trip to the Roatan Island may just be what you need. Located on the north coast of the Honduras, Roatan displays its vast array of beaches in all their shining glory. The lush green jungles spread all over the island, one of the most beautiful and the world’s second largest reef system, hospitable people, the rich Caribbean culture all qualify and add to the title of Roatan Islands being the Caribbean’s best kept secret. It is true a lot of people don’t realize its potential for being not only relaxing but profitable as well. The real estate market is booming in this part of the world as others go through an economic recession. The beaches of Roatan are known all over the world as being majestic and almost unreal.

Fins ‘n Flippers is one such beach, located in the Roatan Island that is absolutely beautiful. It is a private island off of Coxen Hole and a shuttle from Roatan cruise pier leaves for the island every 30 minutes. Here you can do as you please since unlike a public beach, it doesn’t have the same amount of crowds or lack of personal space when it comes to relaxation on the beach. For a small entry fee, you can enjoy the beach; get a massage to relax those tensed up muscles or even grab a drink and stroll around to explore what interests you. That is the best part of being on a beach, there isn’t a set number of things or just one thing that you can do. You can eat, dance, party, enjoy the scenery, do photography, yoga and whatever else that you feel like in a perfectly relaxing environment.fins-n-flippers

The temperature and weather at Fins ‘n Flippers is ideal for cooling down your spirit, especially if you are from some hot country where the sun boils. Even for people from colder climates, Fins ‘n Flippers is a welcome recluse because of the warm Caribbean sun that kisses the ocean and makes the ocean warm as well. There will be no more freezing winds to harass you, if you head on to the Roatan Island for the perfect vacation. The trade winds blow continuously at Fins ‘n Flippers to keep the temperature cool enough to be pleasant whereas the nights may get chilly. There is also the seasonal rainfall between the months of December to February that help in maintaining the flora and fauna that surrounds the island. During these months, the greenery is a sight to behold indeed as the lush green plantation comes to life, looking fresher than ever. Hence climatic factors also contribute a good chunk to the tropical beauty of Fins ‘n Flippers. The atmosphere is somewhat lazily indulgent and that is exactly what makes Fins ‘n Flippers sound so stress free. Everyday more and more men and women are being subjected to stress at work that ultimately it breaks them down. A good vacation at a private beach now and then is just what you need to clear your head and get back into the daily routine of life.