Festivals in Roatan


Latin America is the place to be for all the celebrations and the gorgeous island of Roatan is no exception to that. This gem in Central America is the host for a vast array of celebrations and events throughout the year for the eager tourists and fun loving locals. Starting off with the Festivals in Roatan with a bang, the annual New Year celebrations in Roatan begin on the evening before the New Year’s Day which is January 1st. The party on the hottest beaches on the island can last for several days and you can enjoy as much as you like with your friends, family and loved ones. From then starting with 2013, March 25th to 31st is the Holy Week which consists of a huge celebration in Latin America. The event is known as Semana Santa and the festivities last for an entire week, the one before Easter. An event like this is not to be missed out on since it is not only enjoyable but also culturally rife with learning. However the date changes each year so make sure you know the dates before you arrive on the island so that you can be a part of all the festivities planned for the week.

For those with Christian faith, on Roatan the week before Easter is the last week of Lent and includes the religious holidays of Maundy Thursday, Palm Sunday and Good Friday. The holidays last from the Palm Sunday to the Easter Sunday, but exclusive of the actual day Sunday of Easter. It is basically celebrated in commemoration of the earthly life of the holy Jesus Christ before he was crucified on Good Friday and finally when he was resurrected on the Easter Sunday. Then there is another celebration, the arrival of Garifuna in Punta Gurda on the 12th of April which is a Carnival. The occasion is celebrated all over the island with the major celebratory centers including Flowers Bay, Coxen Hole, Punta Gurda, Sandy Bay, Oak Ridge and French Harbor. Pan American Day of the Day of the Americas is dated for April 14th. In fact this occasion is celebrated throughout the Americas as a metaphor and symbol for their unity and the strengthened bond of the two American continents; the Central and South America. The original celebration for Pan American Day came through in the 1800s via a doctrine that was made to create and induce unity between the countries on the Americas while simultaneously keeping in the mind their origins from the Europe.9

During the holiday of the Pan America Day, the people or the locals of Honduras make sure they participate in different kinds of commemoration celebrations such as displaying the flags that are all a part of the Pan American Union. Moreover, this event is also celebrated in schools and universities annually. There are presentations, speeches about the country, parades, pageants, re-enactions of history and whole lot more. Festivals in Roatan are plenty in number and not to be missed. Whenever you plan to go make sure you know what is happening in your area so that you can enjoy your time at the island to the maximum and learn much about the local traditions and culture.