Earth Mama’s Garden Cafe & Lifestyle

Earth Mama's Garden Cafe
Earth Mama’s Garden Cafe


Earth Mama’s Garden Café & Lifestyle is a yoga centre, smoothie bar, eco garden and café all rolled into one fabulously beautiful package in West End, Roatan Islands, Honduras. The mission statement of Earth Mama’s Garden Café is to teach the locals and visitors how to live peacefully, from the inside out. The café is focused on improving the lifestyle and quality of life of all its customers. The staff and owners offer healthier lifestyle alternates to the customers along with deliciously nutritious food which is why it is very popular in the area.

Earth Mama’s Garden Café is dedicated to providing an entirely new experience to their customers, not just a plain meal. They take care of the beautiful ambiance  the tropical gardens, and the gorgeous beach then utilize all of these attractions to make your meals at Earth Mama’s Garden Café an experience to remember for the rest of your life. The café does not compromise on the quality of its product; no matter the cost. It is a business dedicated to improving the community as well as the environment; it composts all waste and uses ‘biodegradable corn cellulose’ products for take away goods.

Earth Mama's Lifestyle Centre
Earth Mama’s Lifestyle Centre – Yoga Class.

The lifestyle centre at Earth Mama’s Garden Café offers classes to improve your physical and mental fitness along with educational workshops and presentations. There are tons of different activities available which endorse healthy living, promotion of education and creativity along with being more socially active and eco friendly. There are plenty of yoga and mind-body fitness activities offered at the lifestyle centre with different fully qualified instructors. The classes are kept small and taken in a roomy thatched roof deck which is surrounded by a lush tropical garden, which naturally lulls your senses into a relaxed state. These classes are offered 4 days a week and are designed to refresh your soul and spirit.

Earth Mama’s Garden Café offers both breakfast and lunch served in a breathtaking area set with hibiscus, banana and lime trees along with herb plants. The result is a fragrant sitting area which makes your food all the more appetizing. The café uses fresh fruits and vegetables off the island itself to make the delicious food. Breakfast includes eggs, crepes, burritos, sandwiches, fruit plates, yogurt, fresh fruit, and oatmeal; all these are available with different flavors. The lunch menu offers Salsa with Tortilla Chips, Brushetta, rolls, salads, a selection of wraps, sandwiches, tostados and burgers with fresh seafood, chicken or beef. Besides the breakfast and lunch café, there is also a smoothie bar available at Earth Mama’s Garden Café. These offer freshly squeezed juices of tropical fruit, fresh frozen fruit smoothies and homemade snacks which are a treat to devour. The drinks are all served in eco friendly containers. The smoothies are all served with a boost of protein or whatever the customer prefers. They are made both with and without yogurt and there is also a selection of milks to choose from. Organic coffee is also available for those who need their regular coffee fix; jams and salsas are also stored in the café.

Location: West End, Honduras

Price Range: $5 – $10

Cuisine: American

Good For: Families with children, romance, doing business, local cuisine, outdoor seating, special occasions, entertaining clients, dining on a budget

Dining Options: Breakfast/Brunch, Lunch

Specialties: Fruit Smoothies

Amenities: View of the Caribbean Sea, Lifestyle Centre


Telephone: 504-9607-0704