Coral Reef Explorer


If you are really looking for a vacation spot that has more than just the conventional adventure tours and roaming around the area, looking through souvenir shops and partying it up on the beach, then Roatan Island is the place to be. The island has an incredible amount of diversity in the sense that there is something for everyone there. From the conventional to the unconventional, the island has check marked all the things needed for almost all kind of holiday makers. From adventurers to divers, shopping enthusiast and nature lovers, the island has activities that wouldn’t bore a person, no matter what the situation. Relax party on the beach, ply yourself with drinks, explore the natural surroundings, or just do nothing at all; Roatan Island is the place to be for your kind of vacation. In terms of activities, there is much to do, and if you really want to see the island in a different light try the glass bottom tours that some of the companies on the island offer.

A glass bottom tour is a wonderful experience indeed. Take your kids, friends, family, lover or just go by yourself, although the experience is such that you enjoy and feel overwhelmed so it is best to take someone with you. The fish swimming at your feet, just enough to see but not touch can be something powerful indeed. There are various companies that have sprung up on the island that provide these glass bottom tours and one of them includes Coral Reef Explorers. The company has made a name for itself by providing these activities for tourists that makes them keep coming back for more. They offer both the glass bottom tours and the semi-submersible tour and you can pick whichever one that suits you best. The semi-submersible is basically a semi-submarine that is submersed 6 feet below the surface with windows on either side of the submarine and in this way the coral reef can be explored, without even getting wet. Imagine the feeling of being in a life size aquarium and this time, the fish are looking at you!coral2

For all the non-divers this is the perfect and easiest way of exploring the grand coral reef that the island boasts of and people from all over the world come to see. This is a great way of spending some good quality time with the family as well, especially if children are with you. For the summer season, the boat tour is even air conditioned, so you can sit in the comfort of the air conditioned cabin and glide through the gorgeous coral reef. For around an hour in the submersed sea, the tour costs about $30-$50 which is quite affordable. Sometimes, you may even get to see divers roaming the coral reef while you explore the reef within the confines of the semi-submarine. That sight can be pretty surprising for the children so if you have a diver within your midst, maybe he or she can dive alongside the submarine for an enhanced experience.