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Located on the protected south shore of Roatan Islands, CoCo View Resort perched on the edge of the coral reef and because of the location of the hotel it experiences gorgeous weather and constant gentle ocean breeze. The hotel has also developed a reputation as one of the most convenient and spectacular dive resorts on Roatan Island.



CoCo View’s accommodation is like no other because it provides you with something fabulous: the ability to wake up to the sound of the ocean and be able to witness a beautiful sunrise, right on your doorstep.

The hotel’s 26 guestrooms are built on the water’s edge or directly over the water. Each guestroom has either an ocean view porch, deck or balcony which guarantees you a relaxing atmosphere after you return to your room after a full day of activities.

The hotel offers three different types of accommodation for you to choose from:

  •  Bungalows: There are four of these bungalows available which hover directly over Roatan’s water. They are considered to be the most private of CoCo View’s accommodations and their spacious rooms and large decks will ensure you relaxation and rest. The bungalows are also air-conditioned and also equipped with a small fridge, WiFi and a coffee pot. Each bungalow also boasts a private porch with a hammock for you to enjoy the view of the ocean.
  • Cabanas: CoCo View offers 12 of these cabanas which are built directly over the water. The cabanas are the hotel’s most spacious guestrooms and are located in three separate buildings. Staying in a cabana ensures you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset from your private ocean front deck. To add to the comfort of the cabanas, all of them are air-conditioned, and are equipped with a mini-fridge and WiFi.
  • Oceanfront accommodation: 10 oceanfront rooms are available all of them built on the edge of the water. The water is just a few feet away from you and is in a convenient location to all the CoCo View has to offer. Each oceanfront room comes with a private patio or deck with a hammock. Other room features include air-conditioning, mini fridge and WiFi.Coco View Resort Roatan 2



Dining at CoCo View is convenient and delicious. All of your meals are included in your stay and the hotel’s restaurant offers three buffet meals daily: breakfast, lunch and dinner. CoCo View offers many different varieties of foods every meal to suit everyone’s needs.



CoCo View offers many different activities both at the resort and off it. The island’s waters are a perfect play ground for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. You can also swim with dolphins and sharks. The front desk at CoCo View can arrange a number of off-property excursions for you including Island Tours, zip-lining, butterfly garden and eco tours.



CoCo View has earned a reputation for being the easiest place to dive on Roatan Island. The hotel’s dive center ‘The Front Yard’ is open 24 hours a day all 7 days of the week making it possible for you to dive whenever you want. The dives are safe and comfortable and the 5 Star Dive Center offers experienced instructors and small groups so you can become a better diver!


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