Coconut Tree Divers


A PADI 5 star instructor development center, Coconut Tree Divers is located at the entrance of West End of the Island of Roatan, Honduras. For enthusiastic divers, this is the place to be because of the variety of courses being offered and these include PADI Scuba Diving from beginner level and it goes up to advanced, PADI Specialty, PADI Pro, and Technical Diving courses. Coconut Tree Divers also help certified divers who wish to explore the Island’s reef with daily supervised dives with a guide who is a qualified instructor. Moreover they even welcome cruise ship customers who wish to know and learn about diving and. The hospitality is unmatchable. The staff is experienced, the gear includes Nitrox and Trimix and the instructors work there full time.

Coconut Tree Divers was established by Gaynor Pook and PJ Rowantree back in 2002 and worked its way to become a reputable dive company which provides quality care to all their customers. Both individuals have worked hands on since then when it came to building the business. PJ, as he is fondly known has years’ worth of experience as a scuba diver all over the Caribbean waters, under his belt which made him the ideal candidate for steering the future of a safety conscious dive company that was built on the foundation of friendship. Today the same company can easily and confidently boast about a long list of happy customers that return to them every time they visit the Honduras.

Experience, safety and fun are the three words which Coconut Tree Divers think every customer ought to know is associated with them. In terms of experience, there is more than 40 years combined worth of material and that is definitely a long time. The managers at Coconut Tree Divers provide you with the best and to make diving as accessible to customers as possible. The crew is composed of qualified, multilingual PADI instructors with a versatile amount of skills under their belt when it comes to diving. Let’s face it; someone wouldn’t be in this business if there was no passion involved. The boats themselves are helmed by experience captains instead of the instructor which is the case with most dive companies, hence security and safety is a top priority as it is visible. The dive sites themselves are also merely 15 minutes by boat and rest assured, the experience at one is memorable.cfc9897b9abd69595c8390fcd1ab3d7b

At Coconut Tree Divers, safety is said to be a primary concern which is why the boats that take you to and from the dive sites are fully loaded with amenities like a first aid kit, VHF radio, emergency oxygen tanks, water, spare equipment and what not. There are routine inspections when it comes to all the equipment so that there is no mistake or error in judgment because real peoples’ lives are involved. All equipment is regularly maintained to not only keep up with competition but also so that customers can dive with the best possible gear, in the utmost comfort. All PADI instructors are asked to refresh their skills when it comes to emergency response and rescue diving in case of an emergency so that they don’t get rusty. This is in fact very good practice and reinforces safety being Coconut Tree Divers’ top priority. The latest standards need to be up to date and that is what all diving instructors are taught as well.

At Coconut Tree Divers, you will be treated like you are part of a family. Wake up to the scent of delicious Honduran coffee, maybe grab a cup or two and head on out to the best dive sites on the Island.


Telephone: US: (813) 964-7214

UK: (0151) 324-0701

Honduras: (504) 2445-4081