Caribbean Cruise on the Roatan Island



A cruise vacation to the Caribbean is a dream of many people and even to those who sometimes don’t really know what to expect on a cruise. Many people are sold to these cruises on the promise of fun in the sun, relaxation, and glorious beaches. Of course a cruise in the Caribbean is synonymous with all those things but the important thing to learn here is that the Caribbean has so much more to offer than just beaches and tranquility.

The western part of the Caribbean has a lot to offer to intrigued tourists and explorers. Apart from the absolutely exquisite white sandy beaches, the Roatan Island is home to world’s second largest barrier reef system. The reef is a paradise for snorkelers and divers alike because swimming in the gorgeous and clear, turquoise waters gives way for exploring the diverse species more than 800 fishes that are inhabitants of the Caribbean. The Bay Islands offer a colorful and diverse culture and nature. There are luscious jungles, mangrove tours, beautiful backdrop of mountains and you can take it all in while you are on a cruise that stops at the Belize City and visit the Mayan pyramid there, which is called Altan Ha. One of the companies that take passengers on cruise to Isla Roatan is the Carnival Legend which is a big massive structure of a ship. The ship itself is decorated to keep in tune with the cultural aura of the land and is quite festive. The maintenance staff on board makes sure the ship is nice and clean at all times and the rooms are kept the same way as well. Most of the rooms have an attached balcony that overlooks the beautiful waters of the Caribbean, displayed in their full and crowning glory. There are the formal dining rooms and the casual ones and guests can choose as to what room and environment they are comfortable in. The food service is above par and prepared by a chef and his team since it is important for them to have their guests’ palates happily satisfied. There is a buffet for lunch where guests can enjoy the food and get to know each other as well so the overall environment is friendly and light. Some of their strong points are perhaps the dessert cart which features a high number of favorites among many passengers on board. A good idea would be to check a number of companies that offer Caribbean cruise on the Roatan Island so that at the end of the day you have a clear idea of the one you want along with a budget in mind.55

At the end of the day whichever package or company that you choose for your Caribbean cruise, there are a wide number of factors that can add to the appeal of a tropical cruise holiday somewhat irresistible. That is why statistics have shown that when dreaming or imagining a dream holiday under the tropical sun, a Caribbean cruise is the first thing that comes to mind.