Captain Ron’s Hideaway – A Charming Vacation Place

Captain Ron's Hideaway

A couple by the name of Ron and Carol visited and stayed at many Caribbean islands. Ultimately, they ended up at Roatan Bay Islands. There, the couple is spending their days living a happy and carefree life in the tropical paradise that is Honduras. The couple has a shared love of boating, diving and other water sports. They invested their money and came up with their jointly owned and operated Captain Ron’s Hideaway on the beautiful island of Roatan. The couple claims that their goal and main target is to make people staying there happy enough to come back for more. Their ultimate goal is to provide their guests with the utmost comfort and pleasure while at the tropical lush area of Honduras. Captain Ron’s Hideaway is a charming, well constructed B&B or vacation rental place which caters to guests who love the beach and water sports along with a relaxing vacation.


Captain Ron’s Hideaway is situated on the North West shore of Roatan. This is located at a 10 minute drive from the airport. The location is quiet and peaceful so that the guests can have their desired peace and privacy. But so the guests don’t get too bored with cabin fever, Coxen Hole is pretty nearby if the guests want to shop or if they want to experience the night life in the tropics, the West End Village is also close by. The coral reef, ever popular for snorkeling and diving is also a few minutes away from Captain Ron’s Hideaway.


Captain Ron's Hideaway
Captain Ron’s Hideaway – Front View

There are 2 apartments and a beach cabana available for the guests to rent out at Captain Ron’s Hideaway. There is a 1 bedroom apartment with double doors opening on the beach. It can house 2 people comfortably. It has a fully usable kitchen along with air conditioning. The other apartment holds two bedrooms which can accommodate about 4 people. It also has a usable kitchen that is stocked with the latest basic appliances. There is a shaded beach patio for both the apartments which is a great place to just sit back and relax with a book or some drinks. The beach cabana is a semi secluded beautifully constructed area surrounded with the lush green of the tropics. It has a large deck with shades which provides an outstanding view of the sea and also leaves you with some privacy of your own. It can accommodate 2 people and has a kitchen which is self serviceable.


There are plenty of activities available at Captain Ron’s Hideaway for those who want an action packed vacation instead of a lazy and relaxed one. Scuba diving and snorkeling are of course the main attractions but there are tons of other activities to enjoy in the area. The lodge’s staff can help with planning a guided tour full of exciting places to visit. Public transportation is easily available for rent; all you have to do is pick your mode of transport and go exploring along the island or the seashore. There is also a tour guide service available on Roatan which helps guests explore the area at a slow measured pace so that they can fully experience the lush beauty of the tropical island and sea. Fishing expeditions, horseback riding, exploring the Butterfly Garden and Iguana farm are all available activities at the lodge.

Scuba Diving:

Scuba diving can be done individually but it is preferred to either go out with an instructor or with a group of other people for security purposes. There are readily available dive operators at West End and Sandy Bay which will help you find plenty of diving spots around the area. Snorkeling and kayaking is also offered, starting at the lodge’s dock and going up to the West End shore.


A short walk from Captain Ron’s Hideaway is the Blue Parrot which serves fine dining 6 days of the week. There are also plenty of other restaurants and bars located in the area nearby the lodge. There is a variety of cuisines available in the nearby village.

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