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Cafe Escondido
Cafe Escondido


Cafe Escondido is a beautifully constructed café in the area of West End, Roatan, Honduras. The café is known for its great ambience and is a popular spot for locals as well as visitors and vacationers. The atmosphere is highly comfortable and conducive to relaxing. The location of Cafe Escondido especially does wonders in lifting people’s moods. The gorgeous Caribbean Sea, glittering beaches with shells and sea life all over the beach, the spectacular sunset views all contribute towards raising the ambience of the café.

The food and drinks at Cafe Escondido are healthy, delicious and very well presented. For a very reasonable price, the customers get good food, great ambience and even better drinks. Some of the drinks offered by the Cafe Escondido are espresso, iced coffees, fruit smoothies, cocktails, different brands of beers, imported beer of the month and rice bowls. The café has a special custom on Sundays: They serve tapas and sangria out on the deck or the beach while the local artist strums on his guitar, adding music to the sound of the waves of the Caribbean Sea. This custom of ‘Sandria Sunday’ is celebrated and favored by both locals and visitors alike. It provides a chance to have refreshing drinks, delicious tapas and fulfilling conversation on the beautiful Roatan Island.

Cafe Escondido
Cafe Escondido

The menu at Cafe Escondido is full of variety and there is something to be found for everyone’s taste. The coffees include espresso, Americano, flat white, cappuccino, mocha, latte and ice coffee. Cafe Escondido is known for its amazing coffee, served in a number of ways. Their products are of high quality and help in regaining all the energy lost after diving. The interesting part is, they use locally grown coffee known by the name of ‘Eco Coffee’. This coffee is grown by the locals of Copan, Honduras. Soy milk is available for those who don’t like regular milk, and the coffee cups can be taken with you to be enjoyed on the beach. The staff at Cafe Escondido are willing to make you coffee in any way you prefer and love to experiment with different flavors in the coffees. Chai, chrysanthemum, green and black tea are offered along with different beers, soft drinks and wine.

Fruit smoothies are served; made with a blend of the tropical fruit available on the island. The fruits are chosen for their juice, flavor and freshness which make for a great smoothie that refreshes the mind and soul. These smoothies are also full of vitamins and potassium which helps in avoiding cramps while diving in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Breakfast items are served all day long and customers can choose from French toast, muffins, rolls, pancakes, eggs and toast. Chinese fried rice, spicy chicken cashew, teriyaki chicken and Singaporean noodles are served in rice bowls. Sandwiches and salads are also available for the grazers or the healthy eaters. Dessert in the form of Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies and Ice cream Banana Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich is also offered at Cafe Escondido.

Location: West End Rd, above West End Divers, West End, Honduras

Price Range: $4 – $10

Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Coffee Shop, Bar

Good For: Dining on a budget

Dining Options: Breakfast/Brunch

Specialties: Fruit Smoothies, Coffees

Amenities: View of the Caribbean Sea, Sangria Sundays


Telephone: 504-9636-1043