C Level Cafe and Bar

C Level Cafe
C Level Cafe and Bar.

C Level Café and Bar is a quaint, charming little place situated in West End, Roatan Island, Honduras. It faces the beautiful beach and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea which gives the diners an amazing view while eating. The café has a terrace seating which gives a panoramic view of the entire area and puts a smile upon the customers’ faces. The lush gardens, tropical foliage, sand and sea all combine to make this experience a memorable one for both locals and visitors on the island. The C Level Café is constructed out of an assortment of lovely wood with superior finishing. This affords the café the ability to blend in with its lush tropical surroundings and adds to the overall beauty of both the C Level Café and the island itself.

The C Level Café is right outside a dive shop, which makes it a great hangout spot for the divers of the area. They use it as a place to visit with friends, have a great meal and furl up with the refreshing drinks served by the bartenders. Their food, especially the breakfast specials are very popular in the area of West End. The staff is very friendly and interacts with the customers quite frequently, which makes the diners feel even more at home. It is a great place to sit in, enjoy the temperate weather and take in the gorgeous views of the island; not to mention have delicious meals and drinks. The staff at C Level Café makes sure that all the customers are satisfied and do their best to serve the orders on time. They are efficient, trained and capable which is a great asset for the café.

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The soups served here usually get rave reviews by all the clients. They are piping hot, delicious and presented beautifully. With such lovely and careful presentation, who wouldn’t want to eat that meal? The café offers a special pre-dive breakfast package that is just the right meal you need before going off on your diving spree. The clients claim that the food tastes like it was made at home and the drinks are cold and very refreshing. The food is served in big portions and the prices have been kept very reasonable so that you don’t have to worry about your budget while eating at C Level Café and Bar.

The bar’s salads, burgers and steaks are also very popular among those who prefer to eat there. The salads are healthy and fulfilling along with being presented in a very attractive way. The burgers and steaks are generous in portions and are served with side orders of whatever the customers want: fries, salad, wings, etc. The alcoholic drinks are of top quality and the juices served are freshly made with the local tropical fruit available in the area. Any combination of drinks can be made depending on how the customers like it. Mixes of alcohol and fruit beverages are very popular and the bartenders are happy to oblige with whatever the customers wish to drink.

Location: West End, Roatán, Islas De La Bahia, Honduras

Price Range: $5 – $12

Cuisine: American, Canadian, Central American

Good For: Families with children, romance, doing business, local cuisine, outdoor seating, special occasions, entertaining clients, dining on a budget

Dining Options: Breakfast/Brunch, Late Night

Specialties: Breakfast, Drinks

Amenities: View of the Caribbean Sea, Customer friendly area


Telephone: 504 8876 9313

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/C-Level-Cafe-and-Bar/304848139530784