An Enchanting Trip to Bay Islands Underwater Museum

An Enchanting Trip to Bay Islands Underwater Museum 1
An enchanting trip to Bay Islands Underwater Museum means snorkeling in the past.¬†Summer vacations in Roatan can’t be complete without scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming and relaxing on the sun drenched beaches. While on diving and snorkeling excursions, there will be numerous wonderful things you will come across, such as a range of multi-hued reef, rock formations, mysterious caves and channels and most importantly, a plethora of unique marine animals. Imagine how awe-inspiring it would be to see all these things along with a view of some of the most amazing artifact and monuments in a form of city under the water. Travelers from all the over the world get their interest piqued when they hear about Bay Islands Underwater Museum and its famous ruins and relics. An adventurous trip to Bay Islands Underwater Museum will surely become a highlight of your Caribbean vacation in Roatan.
Bays Islands Underwater Museum has set up a divine assembly in the aquatic world. They have simply placed artifacts in crystal-clear water by Sandy Bay and arranged them in a way so they seem to tell a mystical story about the island’s history. The place gives a great cultural and historical insight. Learn about the ancient yet phenomenal living styles of the natives, how they were overtaken by the Spaniard and appreciate how the pirates finally prevailed on the islands. The extraordinary historical stories and their relics will leave everlasting imprints on your memories. The enchanting museum is a paradise on earth for nature enthusiasts, snorkelers and for everyone else who enjoys sublime underwater scenery.
The superb adventure begins in Sandy Bay which is 15 minutes drive away from West End Bay. The northern side of Roatan has multifarious species, andAn Enchanting Trip to Bay Islands Underwater Museum 2¬†is continuous with the world’s second largest barrier reef system. The tourists are picked up from the harbor, are given a brief overview of the trip along with the safety instructions. Snorkeling gear for all ages is available and is provided to all tourists. Along with the trip to museum, they also offer free snacks, excursions to coral gardens, and back and forth transportation services. The money is totally refundable if you somehow miss the trip. The tour has a convenient duration of 90 minutes so nobody gets tired out. Have a vivid taste of Roatan’s colorful past in a unique way. The tour guides assist the tourists to discover the various ruins, shipwrecks and statues. There are vestiges of Mayan, Paya, Garifuna and pre-Columbian era. The beautiful scene of amphora pottery, culinary from 16th century, and other replicas unfold the stories of the past right in front your eyes!
The excellent imitations in the museum include; Altar Q, originally constructed in 776 B.C., which represents the kings of 16th century, Stella 19 was built in 62 B.C. and symbolizes the kings of 12th century. There are genuine grinding stones found on Helene Island that were used to grind corn historically. The grim models of Paya Indians’ burial ground gives off a fascinating feeling and marks the end times of pre-Columbian era. On reaching the replicas of Spanish times, tourists will see a Spanish Galleon ship, amphora pottery, cannons, masts, bells, treasure chests, and the copy of the well-known figurehead of Queen of Spain. Some authentic pieces are; a fishing canoe called Cayuco, lobster traps, and sundials. During the tour of Bay Islands Underwater Museum, tourists will have a chance to see coral patches, reefs, shipwrecks and a diverse number of aquatic creatures up close.
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