Aquatic Sports in Roatan Island



What is your idea of a tropical vocational paradise? Maybe it includes a number of shady palm trees, crystal blue gorgeous waters, and white beaches with powdery sand. Add to that a bare minimum of people and plenty of space to scuba dive? That is a perfect holiday in the Honduras Bay Islands. Located in the Western Caribbean off the coasts of Belize and Honduras, the Bay Islands are one of the few unspoiled and rare treats, the tropical paradises left on this Earth. They are made up of three main large islands, namely the Roatan, Guanaja and the Utila along with more than 60 cays sitting atop the world’s second largest barrier reef system in the world. The place was discovered in 1502 by Christopher Columbus, these islands were mainly a refuge for slaves and pirates such as Henry Morgan whose tales are legendary. The land is beautiful, the myths incredibly fascinating and the activities a wonderful experience. Today the Roatan Island offers a more laid back life style which includes the friendly and hospitable English speaking population and an excellent and memorable place for vacationers, divers or non-divers.

Due to the large reef system, and a diverse variety of coral and sponges, Roatan Island has become on the of Caribbean’s top destinations for aquatic sports on Roatan Island. The water is crystal clear and offers a great amount of visibility, more than 800 species of fish to explore and little current. The idyllic warm waters make for a perfect exploration scene. Diving depths can vary from sea mounts that slope down to around 200 feet to reefs in 15 feet water. The Roatan Island is 42 miles long and 2 miles wide to be exact. Both the northern and southern reef boasts to around 40 dive sites each offering space for both beginner and advanced level divers. The reefs are characterized by crevices, caves, caverns and plummeting walls. The scenery is literally out of some movie; that is how perfect the entire back drop seems. Roatan Island has a large number of diving sites o the shore, including the Spooky Channel which has become quite famous. An ancient stream bed that cuts through the reef at one point, the Spooky Channel can be easily accessed by the pier Bay Islands Beach Resort. Divers can swim through the light in the wide interior of the channel while snorkelers can explore the stunning 8 foot crack at the very top of the Great Barrier Reef.33

For the non-divers, a closer look at the reef can also be taken because Roatan Island has something planned for everyone. There is a C BUG mini submarine which is located on the West End and can carry two people at a time. The submarine takes you as down as 700 feet below the surface and from there you can see the variety of marine life and be awe struck at the sheer beauty of these azure blue waters. In West End, there are also companies which offer sea kayaking which is another way to experience the gorgeous coastline of Roatan Island. You can choose from one to half day rentals and two or six day tour; depending upon the time you have. Sea kayaking is also the most adventurous of ways to get to the best snorkeling sites on the island.