A Fun Encounter with Dolphins at Anthony’s Key Resort

A Fun Encounter with Dolphins at Anthony's Key Resort


Roatan is a small Caribbean island near Honduras. Known for its tropical lushness and diverse underwater wildlife, it attracts many vacationers from all over the world. Snorkeling and diving are popular aquatic sports in Roatan and having an encounter with friendly dolphins on one of these excursions is awesome and delightful. The thing is you can’t find dolphins easily, so the best way is to let them find you. Anthony Key’s Resort offers a great platform for interacting with dolphins. Located on a small island, the resort has elegantly designed itself into a number of things that range for rooms and bungalows to snorkeling and diving with dolphins. Unlike many places, dolphins in Anthony’s Key Resort do not have to live in an enclosed concrete area, rather they healthily reside in the openness of the sea enclosed by a natural barrier of half an acre. During scuba diving courses, the instructors often open up the barrier and the dolphins swim along them far into the sea.

Before snorkeling with the dolphins, the instructors will give tourists a thorough description of anatomy, behaviors and characteristics of the mammals. If you approach them in the correct way, there is a great chance that the dolphins will play, kiss and even swim with you! The excursion provides aA Fun Encounter with Dolphins at Anthony's Key Resort2professional photograph session to capture the fun and adorable moments between you and the playful fish. The tour begins at Bailey’s Key which is located across the resort. The key is known for its diversity of Atlantic Bottle-nose dolphins. After an hour long meeting with the dolphins, the guests are given the opportunity to snorkel for half an hour along with a number of dolphins within the natural barrier. The excursions are suitable for all ages, and the trips are planned several times a day. However, children between the ages of 3 to 13 must be chaperoned by an adult. Children who are below the age of 3 are admitted free when accompanied by a paying adult. The tours include 12 people at most. Please notice that pregnant women are not allowed.

Besides snorkeling, Anthony Key Resort’s also offers scuba diving with dolphins. The vacationers are picked up from the resort’s dock, and are taken to Bailey’s Key where a brief lesson is given. This is followed by serene boat ride to the reef where you will take a dive of up to 60 feet deep. The dive makes the dolphins curious and a couple of them usually arrive to see what’s going on. At this time, they may choose to engage with you. The guests are given 45 minutes to dive, interact and play with the dolphins. The tour requires a certification card and kids below the ages of 12 are not allowed. The dolphin dives are arranged daily. Guests at Anthony Key’s Resort can participate in different programs and courses that will enable them to become a trainer-for-a-day. Those who are interested in learning more about the dolphins can join a two-day course called Dolphin Specialty Course. During the summer, the resort schedules a six day dolphin camp for kids.


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