A Perfect Vacation With Zeppelin Dive & Sail



Imagine the breeze caressing your face while you sail across the indigo blue waters of the Caribbean and the dolphins jumping to say hello. Picture your hands as they reach out to swish through the water and touch the tiny turtles swimming by, visualize the gorgeous sun rising over the tropical waters and watch it set every evening as you soak in the incredible view from your spot on the sandy, white beach. All this and more is what makes up a tropical vacation the largest of the Bay Islands in the Honduras, which is the Roatan Island in the Caribbean.

There is much to do in Roatan and Zeppelin Dive & Sail can make your stay at the island quite an exciting one. The name comes from their vessel which has been titled the Zeppelin and with the company; you can have your vacation home away from home and have the time of your life. Sail to nearby islands, watch the pristine waters of the coral, and be surrounded by the tropical breezes, lush greenery and the local birds as they sing their hearts out. Such is the beauty of Roatan Island and is quite a mood lifter as well! Zeppelin Dive & Sail is the premier live aboard diving and sailing company that provides private sailing and diving all inclusive vacations on a luxury Yatch that is almost 50 feet long and has exceptional services. They offer day tours for sailing around the island and scuba diving excursions as well. The holiday trip includes meals, sailing, accommodation and diving. A very own ocean front private home on a tropical island can be a pretty great destination choice for the holidays.zep1

The company believes that in order to fully experience the Zeppelin Dive & Sail vibe, an 8 day/7 night package is the ideal way to do so. The package includes a lot of things and the whole experience is aboard the massive vessel of Zeppelin. Flights to and from the island operate on a basis of Saturday to Saturday and Sunday to Sunday so the package is planned out accordingly. In this way, the nearby areas can be explored, islands that are not too far away can also be sailed to and the opportunity to relax, unwind and truly enjoy the atmosphere and privacy should never go to waste. The cost of the package will vary on the accommodations that are chosen as per your need. The package includes the following aspects:

  1. Accommodations aboard the luxury Yatch Zeppelin for 7 nights
  2. All meals, those are both nutritious and healthy. On arrival, lunch and dinner will be served, breakfast on the departure day, breakfast and lunch on six days after arrival and four dinners as well. Dinners are not provided on the two nights because this gives you the opportunity to sample some of Roatan’s finest when you go out to eat. The company also offers to recommend the restaurants, based on your preference for the kind of cuisine you are in the mood for, make reservations and even provide transportation. Vegetarian meals aboard the Zeppelin are also available.
  3. Snacks and beverages
  4. Wine with the dinners
  5. Happy Hour appetizers, cocktails, beers
  6. Sailing aboard the zeppelin
  7. Yoga lessons in the morning with a certified instructor
  8. Unlimited swimming, snorkeling and kayaking
  9. 10 private scuba diving with boat


Master Suite: $2200/person

Double Suite: $2000/person

Passageway Cabin: $1500/person


Email: zeppelinsail@gmail.com

Telephone: (504) 3366 0178